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UNDERNEATH THE LINTEL or An Impressive Display of Lovely Evidences

a Mystery
by Glen Berger

COMPANY : Actors Theatre of Atlanta [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Post Theater at the Lovett School
ID# 725

SHOWING : July 25, 2003 - August 23, 2003



Underneath the Lintel tells the story of a mild mannered Dutch librarian who finds a book in the overnight slot that is 113 years overdue. His attempt to collect the fine and to find out who deposited the book leads him on an adventure half-way around the world, and smack in the middle of a centuries-old mystery.

In his tattered clothes and scuffed shoes, in need of a shave, he appears to be merely another self-absorbed eccentric. Gathering scraps of information – clues like the stub for an unclaimed pair of trousers from a Chinese laundry in London and the quarantine records for a dog named Zebrina – the librarian travels the earth in search of answers to the cryptic messages that unfold.

As the mystery unwinds and becomes more significant we are
fascinated by his search. His life becomes our concern.
Sarring Steve Coulter
Directed by Jay Freer

Cast Jay Freer
The Librarian Steve Coulter
Cast Michael Halad
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Ephemera, the Eternal, and Evidences
by Dedalus
Wednesday, August 20, 2003
I offer the following incidental intelligences as evidences of the parity of ephemera and profundity (if you have to ask, you should look them up) as inspired by a viewing of “Underneath the Lintel”:

# 1. If you must walk on thin ice, you might as well dance.

# 2. Theatre is an examination of all that is human. Great theatre differs from bad theatre only in that it shows humankind rather than actorkind.

#3 “Ships are safe inside a harbor, but is that what ships are for?” (Lyric heard on a “Four Bitchin’ Babes" Cassette).

#4 “The Universe is incomprehensibly large, History is incomprehensibly long, Death is incomprehensibly inevitable.” (Paraphrase of three questions inspiring the writing of “Underneath the Lintel” as described by Glen Berger in the afterword of the published edition of the play).

#5 To be utterly human is to use ephemera to shout to the cosmos I WAS HERE!

#6 Actors Theatre of Atlanta has staged “Underneath the Lintel” in a production that displays the best acting, writing, and direction I have seen in months. Every choice made by actor Steve Coulter is inspired, every word penned by writer Glen Berger sings. The play works as entertainment, as mystery, as philosophy, as art. And yet, it is poorly attended -- more evidence of the irony of the ephemera/profundity paradox.

#7 Pseudocriticism such as this may be ephemera, but it is my only dance – it is safer to remain anonymous (“underneath the lintel,” as it were) – but to do so is to belittle the importance of the dance. Rather than shout to the cosmos, my day job whines to the middle manager. Changing my daughter’s diaper is higher in the grand scheme of importance (another paraphrase from Mr. Berger’s afterword).

#8 Theatre is by nature ephemeral – it bursts forth in an agony of creation, it floats for a moment in the souls of the audience, and it is forever lost. Is there a more profound dance in the face of the cosmos?

#9 If you must walk on thin ice, you might as well dance.

-- Brad Rudy (BKRudy @ I WAS HERE!
See it before it closes!
by chapeldog
Monday, August 18, 2003
I saw both of the shows this comapny is doing right now - Talley's Folly and this new show. This is one of the most interesting new plays I have seen in years. I don't agree with Wendell Brock very often, but this is indeed the "theatrical find of the summer."
This theatre company is by far the best new professional company to open in Atlanta in the last five years. I urge you all to get get there before Steve Coulter gives his final show this week - this is a must see show - a fantastic show! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Underneath the Lintel!!
by Smurfette
Friday, August 1, 2003
I just finished seeing Talley's Folly last week and loved it.

This show defies description - it is a one man show and it is one of the best new plays I have seen in years - literally. Written by Glen Berger, Lintel is a fasinating saga of a librarian's journey to seek a person who has left an overdue book in a night deposit slot 113 years overdue.

I won't give away the journey, but let's just say the story isn't about the overdue book. It is a wonderful show and Steve Coulter (the only actor in the show) is fantastic! I am in awe!

This theatre company does such great work - I highly recommend Lintel! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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