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Our Country's Good

a Play
by Timberlake Wertenbaker

COMPANY : Theatre Gael [WEBSITE]
VENUE : 14th Street Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 59

SHOWING : September 15, 2000 - October 08, 2000



An Australian penal colony. There the thieves and whores and exiles of the British Empire join together to create a nation. A beautiful play about the Theatre and its infinate capacity for miracles.

Costume Coordination Adam Adams
Set Contruction Andrew Baker
Scenic Artist Brigid Cappeletti
Set Contruction Bryan Davis
Set Construction Joel Hunter
Set Contruction K. Ken Johnston
Set Design Bobbi Kay
Set Construction Sarah Mizell
Stage Manager Olivia Narr
Technical Director Chip Parmley
Dramaturg Sarah Raskin
Costume Coordination Joanna Schmink
Set Construction Winslow Thomas
Sound Design Clint Thornton
Costume Coordination Wesley Usher
Set Contruction Jim Walsh
Dialect Design Rob Warren
Set Construction Rob Warren
Light Design Allan Sean Weeks
Major Robbie Ross, RM Damon Boggess
Harry Brewer/Captain Jemmy Campbell Kyle Crew
Captain Arthur Phillip/Ketch Freeman Bryan Davis
John Wisehammer/Capt. David Collins Jeff Feldman
2nd Lieutenant Ralph Clark Adam Fristoe
John Arscott/Lieutenant Dawes K. Ken Johnston
Liz Morden Stacy Melich
Dabby Bryant/2nd Lieutenant William Fadd Hope Mirlis
Black Ceaser/Aboriginal/Rev. Johnson Cuong Thi Nguyen
Duckling/Meg Long Sherri Sutton
Robert Sideway/Captain Watkin Tench, RM Winslow Thomas
Mary Brenham/Lieutenant George Johnston Anne Towns
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The Experts Say...

Atlanta Journal Constituion
by Kathy Janich
September 22, 2000
Kathy wasn't too sweet on this production. She wrote "It's an overlong evening of theater that doesn't begin to show its subtleties until very late in the first act, then withholds its redemptive powers until the finale." She felt the theater was much too small to accomodate the production and acknowledged that she has seen much stronger work from most of the folks involved.

Creative Loafing
by Curt Holman
September 30, 2000
Curt sez Our Country's Good the cast and sound design do much for this production, which is "so overstuffed with ideas as to tax the efforts of Theatre Gael's long but lively production."

He felt that the themes of the nature of theater and the story of Australia's origins butted heads more often than not, but that overall the show was engaging and educational.


Beautiful Moments and Strong Women
by Ms. H
Sunday, October 1, 2000
Director Rachel May deserves kudos for pulling together a strong production of a very ambitious, and brilliant, script. Although, at times uneven, "Our Country's Good" contains enough beautiful, thought-provoking, and emotional moments to make for a powerful evening on theatre. Stacy Melich, Hope Mirlis, Ann Towns and Sherri Sutton shine. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
A rich, poignant, humorous, well-told story with accents and wigs.
by theaterbug
Saturday, September 30, 2000
This Atlanta-star-studded cast struck true with a sharp, engaging performance. Rachel May knows how to pick 'em and make 'em dance.

The script is strong and there isn't a weak limb in the ensemble tree. The sound design is meticulous, from the light ocean sounds in the pre-show to the fun gaelic mood music.

Of course, as with all endevours, nothing is perfect, and I just have to say: do something about those ridiculous wigs. Damon Boggess' performance would be all-engaging were it not for whatever it was that died on his head.

Let the wigs deter you not, however. Go see this show.

And if you do, please don't rattle your tic-tacs for twenty minutes, I don't care if you ARE in the back row. We can still hear you. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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