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Henry IV Part 2

a Historical Drama
by William Shakespeare

COMPANY : The New American Shakespeare Tavern [WEBSITE]
VENUE : The New American Shakespeare Tavern [WEBSITE]
ID# 5370

SHOWING : October 06, 2018 - October 20, 2018



Shakespeare became the forefather of the sequel by penning this next chapter of our story. As sequels demand, this chapter is filled with even more humor, more rowdy tavern shenanigans, more Falstaff, and more rebellion than the first. Here, Prince Hal must decide once and for all whether to turn his back on Falstaff, his notorious friends and his ale-inspired antics or whether he will finally become the responsible son and heir to the throne that his father and country demand. Rarely performed, this “part” is a must-see.

Director Jeff Watkins
Sir John Falstaff Tony Brown
Rumor, Lord Mowbray, Lady Northumberland Laura Cole
Lord Bardolph, Silence Nicholas Faircloth
Hal, Peter Bullcalf Jonathan Horne
Prince John, Ned Poins, Francis Feeble, Sean Kelley
Harcourt, Travers, Robert Shallow, Music Matt Nitchie
King Henry IV, Pistol, Fang Maurice Ralston
Hostess Quickly, Thomas, Wart, Davy Mary Ruth Ralston
Earl of Westmoreland, Earl of Northumber Drew Reeves
Prince Humphrey, Sir John Blunt, Lady Pe Mary Russell
Earl of Warwick, Scroop, Peto, Beadle Charlie T. Thomas
Lord Chief Justice, SIr John COlville, D Troy Willis
Morton, Bardolph Jeffery Zwartjes
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Uneasy Lies
by playgoer
Sunday, November 18, 2018
With "Henry IV" in the title, you’d expect that King Henry IV (Maurice Ralston) would have ample stage time in "Henry IV - Part 2." Not so. He makes a brief appearance in the second of the Shakespeare Tavern’s three acts, then has his most extended scene on his deathbed in the third act. Most of the play is involved with suppressed rebellions against the king, interspersed with scenes involving Falstaff (J. Tony Brown). Even crown prince Hal (Jonathan Horne) doesn’t get a surfeit of stage time. Since the action is populated and driven by a host of secondary characters, this is not a terribly engaging play. Still, the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern is giving it a creditable production.

Anné Carole Butler’s nicely constructed costumes tend toward drab colors, with a few pops of color. Greg Hanthorn, Jr.’s lighting design makes everything look as good as possible, and also provides some atmosphere, as does Jeff Watkins’ sound design. There’s not a lot of swordplay in this production, so the action is a bit more static than is usual in Shakespeare. Director Jeff Watkins nevertheless adds enough movement to keep the storyline active. The playing area includes an additional platform angled at audience right, and the upper level of the stage isn’t used at all.

Performances are all good, with tons of double+ casting. Mr. Ralston actually makes more of an impression as Pistol than as Henry IV, and Mr. Horne gets a comic scene as Peter Bullcalf. That scene, however, is stolen by Mary Ruth Ralston as Thomas Wart, with her makeup and bearing getting her an exit ovation at the end of the scene. She also impresses as the very-quickly-speaking Hostess Quickly and as put-upon Davy. Makeup also helps delineate the characters played by Laura Cole, Jeffrey Zwartjes, and Sean Kelley.

Mr. Brown does fine as Falstaff, although he doesn’t get the comic shenanigans in Part 2 that he got in Part 1. His epilogue promises more Falstaff in the future, and we well may see Mr. Brown again in this role as the Shakespeare Tavern cycles through the Shakespearean canon. So on from this one and on to the next! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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