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Noises Off
a Comedy
by Michael Frayn

COMPANY : Rosewater Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Rosewater Theatre [WEBSITE]
ID# 3686

SHOWING : March 05, 2010 - April 03, 2010



Called the funniest farce ever written, NOISES OFF returned to Broadway with Patti LuPone and Peter Gallagher and a manic menagerie that sent reviewers searching for new accolades as a cast of itinerant actors rehearsing a flop called NOTHING'S ON.

The show delights in exposing the onstage, offstage and backstage tomfoolery of a traveling troupe of hapless British actors. During their ill-fated touring production of the fictitious farce Nothing On, these antic actors try (and spectacularly fail) to cope with slamming doors, fooling around, backstage drinking, and, of course, plates upon plates of sardines. Everything that can go wrong does, as actors desperately fumble to hang on to their lines, their performances and the furniture. Critically hailed as "the funniest farce ever, "NOISES OFF is an unrivalled delight for anyone who thinks that falling down is funny, that underwear is outerwear & that theater is a metaphor for life itself. “The funniest farce ever written.” - New York Post

The 1992 movie had a star studded cast and starred Carol Burnett, John Ritter, Michael Caine & Christopher Reeves.

Rated PG-13 for some adult content

Dotty/Mrs. Clackett Kim Bennett
Tim Josh Ellis
Belinda/Flavia Eileen M Fulford
Selsdon/Burglar Dave Lauby
Lloyd Reggie Oldham
Brooke/Vicki Elisabeth Parrish
Frederick/Phillip Ramon Rodriguez
Poppy Heather Yager
Garry/Roger Ryan Young
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Funny Indeed!
by playgoer
Saturday, March 27, 2010
Rosewater Theatre's "Noises Off" is certainly a delight. I love act two of the show, and Rosewater's performance of it sparks and sparkles right from the start. The other two acts ain't none too shabby neither!

All the performances are good. I found my "favorite" shifting throughout the show. In act one, I loved Josh Ellis' turn as Tim, but also delighted in Eileen Fulford's gossipy glee in delivering her lines. In act two, I found Kim Bennett's interplay with others a joy, as was Reggie Oldham's growing frustration. Throughout, I found Elisabeth Parrish's and David Lauby's performances growing on me. No one disappointed.

The set is not a single, massive unit that turns between acts. It's a carefully crafted collection of stage pieces that move and rotate and rejigger between acts. Watching the stage crew work during at least one of the two intermissions is recommended as one of the delights of this production. Kudos to the set designer (G. Scott Riley), master carpenter (Reggie Oldham), and set construction crew (including stage manager Jerry Jobe).

I was disappointed when I left Aurora Theatre's production of "Noises Off" in 2008. It had been slickly produced, and its energy grew throughout the acts, culminating in act three, but it showed little distinction between the "real" side and the "acting" side of the characters, removing an important dimension of the show. I much preferred Rosewater Theatre's production. It had all the fun a production of "Noises Off" needs with enough grit and tension between the "real" and "acting" sides to make performances sizzle. Lisa Sherouse Riley sure knows how to direct a farce! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
"Off" in 2008 by line!
While I enjoyed Aurora's production, I felt it somewhat confused its genres by being more slapstick than farce. With someone as talented as Jeff McKerley on board, I guess the thought was to take adbantage of his strengths. Still enjoyable, but I can see where you might have felt disappointed. I too felt Rosewater's production was more satisfying even though it wasn't as well funded.
by line!
Thursday, March 25, 2010
Noises Off is one of those wonderful farces that gets done too often, and too often done poorly. It’s a tough show to mount; both set-wise (the two story, double-sided set), and talent-wise (every single character is critical and each must be really sharp). I am happy to report that Rosewater’s current production of “Noises Off” is that rare exception – a truly fast-paced, fun-filled, farce-laden, great night of theatrical entertainment! I have said it before, but farce, when done correctly, is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend two hours at the theatre.

Director Lisa Sherouse Riley has done a very good job of bringing together a well matched cast who never forget that a key element in farce is a brisk pace. Fast dialogue, fast movement and fast women are what make farce fun! These are still community theatre level resources of budget and talent, but every resource is maximized and the performance is tight and sizzles! She has also added some wonderful bits of physical comedy (some straight out of the movie version) that really shine on stage.

The cast features many favorite North Atlanta actors who turn in very effective performances and present a gloriously unified ensemble of talent. Theatre is a team sport and this team is a winner! The dialogue is delivered with confidence, strength and purpose. Cues are picked up quickly. Clever bits of business are executed with precision and flair. This is one well-oiled machine of a production, and it is a delight to watch this machine hum along.

Throughout the performance, when I wasn’t laughing out loud, I found myself uncontrollably smiling and filled with joy. The first act is a blast. The second act tops that by 200% and the third act settles back into being just a blast! To be perfectly honest, I didn’t expect to be so thoroughly entertained. Based on my past experiences at this theatre, I came with lowered expectations and a desire to be kind and supportive. Within five minutes of the curtain speech, my expectations were long forgotten and I was experiencing some seriously fun theatre!

OK, enough gushing. I enjoyed this production very much and, if you are a fan of farce, I think you will too. Check it out if you can. You won’t be disappointed.


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