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I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
a Musical Comedy
by Joe DiPietro and Jimmy Roberts

COMPANY : Theatre Decatur [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Theatre Decatur [WEBSITE]
ID# 2487

SHOWING : September 27, 2007 - October 14, 2007



Described as "Seinfeld set to music", Theatre Decatur proudly presents Off-Broadway's longest-running musical chronicling the modern-day dating game from first dates, romance, and marriage to lovers, crazy families and in-laws. A wild and sexy musical romp, the show features a dazzling and witty modern pop musical score and a bevy of hilarious comedic situations recognizable to anyone who has ever fallen in love.

Director KW Barnette
Stage Manager Barbara Abrams
Sound Designer Steven Eads
Lighting Designer Gerard Foret
Costume Designer Brian Porter
Technical Director Colin Rust
Musical Director Clay Causey
Woman 1 Erin Lorette
Man 2 John Markowski
Man 1 Brian Porter
Woman 2 Amanda Wilborn
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Minimalists in Love
by mapobeancake
Sunday, September 30, 2007
Theatre Decatur takes a turn for the mainstream with their current production of the musical review I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. Being a fan of this show (as well as the Horizon productions of years past)I was expecting little from a touch and go establishment such as Theatre Decatur. But I gladly give props to the cast and director of this production for the show's charming simplicity and focus on the true themes of the show by focusing in on the words and music. I thought this production was a nice combination of style and substance without sacrificing too much on the production end. It was a very simple set with just a few moveable set pieces all quickly moved off and on by the actors in between scenes.
All four cast members held their own throughout multiple characters, costume and scene changes and the energetic momentum continued to the very end. Erin Lorette's beautiful soprano served her solo " I Will Be Loved Tonight" very well, leaving her alone on a bare stage, allowing the audience to feel her sense of loneliness seasoned with a recent dash of hope. Lorette also shined in the dating video monologue, and despite the technical glitch the night I saw it, managed to convey a bevy of neuroses with just a tilt of her head or a furrow of her brow.
Brian Porter also provided the show with some of its most entertaining moments such has his hilarious portrayal of a nerd in love "A Stud and A Babe" (with Lorette) to his soaring and beautiful tenor in the middle-aged love song "Shouldn't I Be Less In Love With You". Porter's comic timing matched with his unstoppable voice makes him one of the best performers I have seen onstage in Atlanta recently. John Markowski and Amanda Wilborn shared one of their best moments in the "Tear Jerk" number where they both shared an hilarous dual interpretation of the same movie on their first date. My favorite number in the show had to be the "He Called Me" number featuring the the whole ensemble in a campy colorful number including pizza delivery men, a nagging mother and disco ball.
Theatre Decatur seems to have hit a stride with this production. My only real complaint was the excessively long curtain speech that was given by the Managing Director. He went on and on and on and on about the upcoming season of shows and asked for donations to the point that I felt exhausted before the show even began!It was rather self-indulgent and distrating to be honest. The focus should have been on the show we were about to see...Did I mention how long it was??

Despite the small lighting issues that were mentioned in the previous review (for which I concur), this production of I Love You, You're Perfect Now change works best due to some very adept and minimalist direction and the stellar cast of actors. As a result, the show focuses more on what the actors are saying and singing to one another and scales back on clunky set issues which have sometimes mired productions of this show in the past. It is a charming and hilarious night of theatre that I think anyone would be able to enjoy and one that I highly recommend. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Love, American (musical) Style
by AtlStageGuy
Sunday, September 30, 2007
Theatre Decatur's mounting of I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change is a fun, entertaining show deftly performed by 4 equally talented singer/actors. The show is delivered in several energetic mini-scenes/vignettes/songs which are humorous, insightful, and, at times, poignant. This show is not a ground-breaking piece of hight-brow theater. It's a light-hearted musical theater comedy which attempts to comment on dating, getting married, having children, and growing old. The 4 actors in this production (Amanda Shae Wilborn, Erin Lorette, Brian Porter, and John Markowski) easily slide between the many characters in the show, and each actor gets their moment to shine. Amanda Shae was hilarious when singing "Always A Bridesmaid" in an appropriately hideous green dress. John Markowski had me in stiches when he played a single prison inmate who scares a couple into marriage. Brian Porter was quite funny as a nerd wanting to be "a stud". Erin Lorette's monologue for a first dating video after a divorce was both humorous and touching. All of these actors have solid singing voices, and they sound great when they all sing together. Throughout the show, the actors not only play multiple characters and sing, they also have to move many set pieces and props as well as constantly change costumes. They work their butts off.
I wasn't thrilled with some of the lighting choices in the show. There were moments in a scene when the actors would move from a soft pink or red into a brighter white which was somewhat distracting. Also, there was a few times during the show when the off stage actors would have lines which I could not easily hear or understand where I was sitting. These are minor quibbles. Overall, it's a very good show that should be seen. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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