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Lend Me A Tenor
a Comedy
by Ken Ludwig

COMPANY : Theatre On Main [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Theatre On Main [WEBSITE]
ID# 2274

SHOWING : May 04, 2007 - May 26, 2007



World famous tenor, Tito Morelli, is to perform OTHELLO for the Cleveland Grand Opera Company. Saunders, the general manager, hopes this will put Cleveland on the operatic map, Morelli is late, and when he arrives it is too late to rehearse with the company. Through a hilarious set of mishaps, Il Stupendo is given a double dose of tranquilizers which mix with the booze he has consumed, and he passes out. His pulse is so low Saunders and his assistant Max believe he is dead. What to do? Max is an aspiring singer and Saunders persuades him to get into Morelliís Othello costume and try to fool the audience into thinking he is Tito. Max succeeds admirably, but Tito comes in and gets into his other costume. Now TWO Othellos are running around in costume and two women are running round in lingerie, each thinking she is with Il Stupendo, while the Bellhop continues to try to meet Il Stupendo.
Parental discrection advised.

Director Patrick Schambach
Assistant Director/Stage Manager Barry Hopkins
Tito Jason Ahrens
Julia Elaine Bishop
Max Chris Fail
Bellhop Andy Houston Flynn
Maggie Aliya Hutcheson
Maria Melba Melton
Diana Elyse Powell
Diana/Maggie u/s Amanda Whittle
Saunders Adam Zangara
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great expectations fall flat
by The Doctor
Thursday, July 5, 2007
I saw this show many years ago when I was living in Memphis. I laughed so hard I about bust a gut, so I was excited to see it again. I must admit I was disappointed in this production. Starting with the set; it's suppossed to be set in a fancy hotel suite, not a Super 8. The role of Saunders was played wonderfully, and the role of Julia was great, but the rest of the cast seemed out of place. It just seemed put together bad. Sorry, but this is just one mans opinion. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Don't Miss This Show!
by QnMere
Sunday, May 6, 2007
My husband and I saw Lend Me A Tenor at Theater On Main this weekend and WOW! It is hilarious and very well done! My husband is not usually a laugh out-loud person, but he was in tears from laughing so hard! I usually just use this site to read reviews, but was so impressed I felt someone should review it and let everyone else know this show is WELL worth going to see! Everyone leaving the theater was raving about how good it was! Did anyone else see it? [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
specific comments??? by wildcat
Thanks for the recommendation, but could you give some specific details. What made the show so great? Any weaknesses at all? I love farce so I might want to see it, but I'd like a little more info.
response by QnMere
It was overall just a VERY good show. Hard to find weaknesses, but I guess one that stands out in my mind is the scene where Tito and Max are singing. They are clearly not real opera singers, and seemed to struggle with the song. But it didn't distract from the overall play. And I expected the part of Tito to be played by a bigger man. But Jason Ahrens plays the character as a big personality, so it makes it ok. Adam Sangara as Saunders is so funny! The cast works really well together. All the characters seem to be really well cast. The costumes are great, the set works and the acting and timing all come together to make for a very entertaining show. Sorry, I am not good at giving details. Which is why I usually just read reviews instead of writing them.
Thanks by wildcat
Sounds like a fun show.


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