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My Fair Lady
a Musical
by Book and Lyrics by ALAN JAY LERNER, Music by FREDERICK LOEWE, "Adapted from George Bernard Shaw's Play and Gabriel Pascal's motion picture 'PYGMALION

COMPANY : Holly Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Holly Theatre [WEBSITE]
ID# 2263

SHOWING : June 28, 2007 - July 15, 2007



This show is the standard by which all others are measured. Based on Shaw's play and Pascal's movie "Pygmalion," with book, music and lyrics by Lerner and Loewe, MY FAIR LADY is triumphant. With Wouldn't It Be Loverly?, With a Little Bit of Luck, The Rain in Spain, I Could Have Danced All Night, On the Street Where You Live, Get Me to the Church on Time and I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face it's no wonder everyone-not just Henry Higgins-falls in love with Eliza Doolittle.

Choreographer Becky Binion
Director Karen Mannis
Musical Director Leigh Ann McIlvain
Mrs. Higgins Stephanie Sartain
Mrs. Pearce Pamela Batchelder
Colonel Hugh Pickering Derrel Emmerson
Henry Higgins Rich Grimshaw
Alfred P. Doolittle Gary Heffelfinger
Zoltan Karpathy Andrew Snider
Eliza Doolittle Rebekah Williams
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Worth the Trip
by BenAround
Saturday, July 14, 2007
I recently saw this production and enjoyed it. MFL is not an easy show to produce. What a nice use of the stage and creative set changes! Costumes were well-fitted and appropriate throughout. I especially enjoyed the spectacle of the Ascott scene.

I agree that the instrumentalists were weaker than I expected for the Holly. I have read many nice reviews of the music in their shows on this site and was expecting a better overall sound from the orchestra. I also noticed several ragged entrances which I feel were caused by singers not properly hearing the orchestra cues or not working through those cues enough. (That is my basis for the rating of 4.) I strongly feel that the accompaniment must support the show rather than detract from it.

Singing was first rate, except I was disappointed to not hear some of the harmonies at times, (i.e. Loverly). The exceptions were the servant choruses which were always well-balanced. Solosits were generally right on with their diction and pitch. "You Did It" was not up to par with the rest of the show, but still not horrid by any means.

I thought both Henry and Eliza were portrayed in a believable manner and the intensity between them was well-motivated. I agree that Grimshaw's characterization of Higgins did mimic Rex Harrison's, but I feel that he added touches to make the performance his as well. His acting was strong and his diction was perfect (as it must be when portraying a linguist). Moonie, you were really excellent. Thanks for a great portrayal which reminded me of a young Julie Andrews in the part. << DISCLAIMER: I am not a friend of Moonie's and have never even met her. >>

Yes, Pickering is nicer to Eliza and relates more to her. He is SUPPOSED to. He is a pleasant man who cares about the feelings of others. On the other hand, Henry is essentially a horse's behind and ironically refers to himself as pleasant, humble, perfect, etc. ad nauseum throughout the play from start to finish. That is what makes this such a great show. The dialogue is as strong and essential to the plot as the music.

Special mention must be paid to Mrs. Pearce, Pickering, Mrs. Higgins, Alfred and Freddy for their characterizations and nice extra touches they brought to the stage.

Ensemble, I saved you for last. Bravo for supporting this cast and really enjoying yourselves which showed on your faces. It is hard to be in a "chorus" role. You are the true heros here.

Folks, this is what I call a real COMMUNITY theatre group. I wish I lived closer so that I could be involved in a production. There is a great deal of charm about this place. It has a nice old-timey small town atmosphere which shows.

To paraphrase a trite commercial ...
Cost of ticket $15.00.
Cost of gas $10.00 (shared a ride).
Cost of experience ... priceless.

P.S. I can't wait to see Chicago at the Holly. It is one of my favorite shows and I think your venue is perfect for the show. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
wow. just wow. by mooniemcmoonster
we really appreciate your review. we put so much hard work and time and love into this production and its nice to know that people care about what we're doing, one way or the other. to say that i remind you of a young julie andrews in the part is pretty much the most incredible compliment you can give a musical theatre actress. i am speechless. thank you so, so much.
My Fair Lady is Fair
by titanic
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
This is a good show. It is well cast, beginning with Eliza who is played by Rebeka Williams. Her accent is convincing and consistant and she has a warmth about her that makes her likeable. Professor Higgins, portrayed by Rich Grimshaw, is well executed but it is obvious that he has listened to Rex Harrison's interpretion of the role many times. He uses the same inflections and many of the same mannerisms, which left me wondering what the character would have been like if Grimshaw had interpreted in his own style. I find the chemistry between Eliza and the Professor is really not there but it doesn't necessarily detract from the show, it just would enhance it if it were there.
The supporting roles, especially that of Col. Pickering, played by Darrell Emmerson, were well done. Pickering actually related to Eliza better than the Professor even though he was sitting much of the time in the front corner of the stage.
The most disappointing part of the show is the band. After having experienced the Holly's presentation of "Fiddler on the Roof", I expected more. It sounded as though all the musicians needed was a little more rehearsal so the notes weren't missed and everyone would have played together.
This production is certainly worth going to see and it is entertaining. What it lacks is the charm that could have been. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
thanks for the review! by mooniemcmoonster
I don't know why shows at the Holly don't get reviewed here more often. "HollyGhost" used to review quite a bit, but apparently he's given up on modern technology and has instead returned to what he does best, messing with lights and moving props. Again, thank you. Its nice to see a new handle on here giving actual reveiws instead of the typical "it was great" or "it sucked".

$20.54 by Cavendish
I took my first trip to the Holly this past weekend. The round trip gasoline cost was $20.54. Maybe that's a reason more folks don't make the effort to see a show (or audition) in Dahlonega. Okay, my car isn't very fuel effecient, I admit, but the cost is relative to a person's income. This makes cost a major consideration for most. Thank goodness the Holly only charges $15.00 to see a show.

By the way, the show was very enjoyable. There were several things worth criticizing but overall it was worth the trip for me.

PS: If you go watch out for the speed traps once Hwy. 400 changes from freeway to controlled intersections in Lumpkin County. Bubba don't like city slickers speedin' on his roads.
Cavendish... by mooniemcmoonster
Dude!?!?! What do you drive, a Hummer!? I live just over the Fulton/Cherokee line and I work in Alpharetta. I will admit that I do spend A LOT of money on gas, but that's also why I drive a Honda Fit :)
The Fit is a Poor Fit by Cavendish
I drive an 8 cylinder sedan and I live on the Cobb/Fulton border. This means I have at least twice as far to drive as you do. And I'm still 13 miles from downtown Atlanta.

Besides, we drive what we can "fit" into. A Hummer would be too big for even me. One more thing, I'm old enough to be your father so I ain't no dude. Just call me an old fart.
I understand by mooniemcmoonster
I bought my car back at the end of September and I already have more than 28K miles on it. And I meant no disrespect with the dude thing. It was for dramatic effect. I highly doubt you are an "old fart". I actually know more "dudes" my father's age than my age. Have you seen The Big Lebowski!?

Anyway, I hope that the high cost of gas won't deter you from making another trip to the Holly. Chicago is up next. Seeing scantily clad dancers should be worth the gas money alone. :)
A New Musical by Cavendish
Let's see. I'm from Chicago, I've been bowling all my life, and I could pass for a body double for John Goodman. If they ever make The Big Lebowski into a atage musical I'll be first in line to audition. But, Jeff Bridges was "Dude" Lebowski. I ain't that good lookin' so I still ain't no dude.

Sincerely, The Old Fart

PS: Now let's get back to theater discsussions before our thread is blasted into cyberspace by Ryan the Lionhearted.


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