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The Miracle Worker
a Drama
by William Gibson

COMPANY : Cobb Playhouse and Studio [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Cobb Playhouse and Studio [WEBSITE]
ID# 1662

SHOWING : September 01, 2006 - September 23, 2006



Deaf, Blind and Mute Helen Keller was like a wild animal. Scared out of her wits, but still strong. She clawed and struggled against all who tried to help her. Half-blind herself but blessed with fanatical dedication, Annie Sullivan begins a titanic struggle to release the young girl from the prison of eternal darkness and silence.

Executive Producer John Christian
Director Rob Hardie
Stage Manager Darlene Tillery
Mr. Anagnos Lou Brock
Aunt Ev Mandy Cook
Kate Keller Becky Dever
Sara (Blind Girl) Callie Dever
Viney Adrienne Harris
James Keller Craig Jones
Blind Girl Jenna Kanell
Helen Keller Megan Koehler
Captain Keller Richard Oldham
Annie Sullivan Amanda Leigh Pickard
Annie Sullivan Donna Katherine Shute
Kate Keller Leah Simpson
Captain Keller Kevin Tillery
Helen Keller Kara Leeann Tillery
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by grrl
Monday, October 16, 2006
I loved this show. Great job Kara Tillery.Kevin Tillery did a really good job too. Also Donna Katherine Shute was so great.And so was Mandy Cook. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
by Broadway_babe-100
Tuesday, October 3, 2006
I saw it on the closing night and it was very good and very emotional!
Stop Talkin Trash!!!!
by Armyowl
Friday, September 22, 2006
The Miracle Worker is a fine production! Just because you all hate Rob, dont trasah his play! The actors are amazing and Rob did an awesome job. I would have loved to be in Miracle Worker! Just because a few scenes dont make any sence, doesnt mean the play is bad!

Just because the theatre isn't the Fox doesn't mean that its "icky"! It's a well put together play and should be seen before it closes! Only a few more weekends [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
I don't know Rob... only made my by Adoni
based off my opinion of seeing this show. The part where you said that if a few scenes don't make sense doesn't mean the play is bad doesn't make sense in itself. If the director decided to rework the original writings then shame on whomever made that decision especially if they had all of the props and people available to do the show as written.

Regardless of your opinion of this Rob guy, there's no excuse for the poor condition of the theatre. Ripped, squeaky seats aren't acceptable when you pay your hard earned money for a show. I've had better seats available at theatres that I paid as little as $5-10 to see a show at.
Oi vey
by thespianchild
Friday, September 22, 2006
Having played Annie Sullivan in this production, I just have to say -- if the biggest complaint that can be offered is that the piggyback ride in Act One requires a little willing suspension of disbelief, then we are grasping at straws here -- and totally missing the entire point of the show. In my humble (and admittedly biased) opinion, MW is a powerful and moving enough story that it can withstand a little logistical tweaking.

Just a thought from an insider. :) [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Good show....
by Adoni
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
I also there on opening night. There weren't many people there - appeared to be mostly people that knew someone in the show. The cast did a great job considering that I found out afterwards that they were given basically a month to learn lines and get prepared. Having more time to prepare for this volunteer production would have definitely have helped I'm sure. There were a couple of scenes that didn't make sense, i.e. the one where Annie was locked in the room and Keller told his son to get the ladder, but then gave her a piggyback ride out of the room. If one was locked out from a 2nd story house you couldn't give them a piggy back ride out - especially without a ladder. Did I miss something here? The lady playing Annie was fabulous and realistic.

The theatre itself needs some repair work. The seats were squeaky (hello - WD-40 anyone?) and many were ripped. Certainly someone could invest a little time to do repair work with upholstery thread on the seats. A person paying $16 to see a show should have a seat in good repair.

I was surprised that the director of the show opened it up and was wearing shorts and a shirt. I've never seen that done before - usually the director is wearing at least business pants and a dress shirt. I was more dressed up than he was and I was a spectator!

Again, overall I'm sure that by the end of the production run later this month the kinks will be worked out as the actors/actresses have more time to get familiar with their lines. Perhaps in the future the cast should be given more time to prepare so that spectators are given the quality that they deserve for the ticket price. I've certainly seen shows that were cheaper in ticket price and that were better performed because the cast had more time to prepare. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
I have to agree.... by Armyowl
the cobbs seats ARE kinda TRASHY, but its a wonderful theatre! I also didnt understand the part when Helen stole the key.... and was given a piggy-back-ride outside the 2nd floor window? Ooooookay rob... got me on that one!
piggy back ride out of the 2nd story window by Okely Dokely
That can't be pinned on Rob. I've seen/done the show before and that's in the script.
Ladder and Piggyback by Cavendish
Wait a minute. Are you telling us that the ladder was never brought out to the window?? If stage limitations prevented this then why didn't they drop the lines? It's actually one of the more humorous scenes in the play. The son has several lines, combined with entrances and exits, which are very funny. If there's no carrying Annie down the ladder, the humor fall flat. I sure as heck hope they didn't bring the ladder out and then not use it. Shame, shame, Cobb Playhouse. Either do it as written by the author or drop the appropriate lines. As an actor I would be very embarrased to be a part of it. Or was the improvised piggyback intended to be even funnier than the author (a genious) intended???
Additional comments for by Adoni
In the ladder scene I was referring to Keller told his son to get the ladder, then sent him away, then told him to come back with it and then gave her the piggyback ride. That's the part that was dumb- there was a ladder available, was even brought out onto the stage but then we're supposed to think that the writer wanted her to get a piggyback ride from the 2nd floor through an imaginery window?

I've done a lot of theatre myself I(including paid theatre) over the years and can't imagine any director I've worked with actually recommending such a deviation from the script.
Miracles by wandering thespian
Hey guys, it ain't called "Miracle Worker" for nothin'
Come on!! by actor_luvin_fan
I mean come on people!! Have imagination!!! God!
LOVED IT!!!!!!!
by Armyowl
Saturday, September 2, 2006
I saw it on September 1, opening night, and it was awesome! Amanda Pickard was so good! She waS very emmotional, and she really acted like she WAS Annie Sulivan! Helen Keller- Megan Koehler - was amazing, even though she had no lines. Her reactions to everyone were so good! It's a must see! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Continued by Armyowl
My comment was so short I felt i must add more. When I went and saw it, September 1, 8:00 PM , Not many people were there, but that didn't stop the actors from doing their jobs!I have to admit, Amanda Pickard stole the show. She was amazing and should be greatly looked up to. There was a HUGE group of people there for Megan Koleher ( Helen Keller ) and cheered her on.


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