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Damn Yankees
a Musical

COMPANY : Southside Theatre Guild [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Southside Theatre Guild [WEBSITE]
ID# 1318

SHOWING : July 14, 2005 - July 30, 2005



Technical Director Rick Lewis
Director Debbie Lewis
Director Todd Stephens
Pyrotechnics Keith Anderson
Lighting Nancy Norris
Stage Manager Rachel White
Bat boy Nick Anderson
Lowe Beau Chanslor
Lynch Ray Collins
wife/Miss Weston Anna Cook
Doris Kara Garner
Sohovik Aron Hall
Joe Boyd Terry Hoffman
Gloria Ashley Mallam
Lola Maureen McDaniel
Applegate Tommy McDaniel
Bouley Albert Melear
Linville Stephen Moseley
Bryant CJ Mosley
Wife/Extra Sarah Mosley
Vernon Nathan Phillips
Welch David Porter
Joe Hardy Andrew Puckett
Sister Paula Saje
Meg Dina Schwam
Henry Brad Wheeler
Van Buren Ron Wilcox
Smokey Brett Williams
Rockey Jared Wright
Costumes Jared Wright
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Nicely Done!
by jwoodsactor
Saturday, July 30, 2005
It is always a pleasure visiting STG. The theatre is very nice in downtown fairburn, and I always enjoy their shows.

They best singing voice in my opinion was.....the ensemble. They all blended so well and seemed to have fun singing and dancing onstage. I loved the baseball players..however, a few of them were too young and scrawny to be ball players. Their dance was long and well choreographed but some of the actors seemed to fall behind the more experienced dancers.

The voices that really stood out to me were the actors playing Lola and Meg. Their voices were really focused and seemed more natural than some of the other actors. Young Joe struggled to hit the high notes- he seems more comfortable in a lower register. When he attempted the high notes he would sometimes go flat and his voice would waver. He also made a funny face as he tried to hit the notes- his mouth would open as far as it could and it looked as if his eyes were going to fall out of his head.

The actor playing the coached seemed to speak-sing his lines. He was a very funny actor, tho.

Applegate was smug and charming. He spoke too softly sometimes- but he had great presence onstage.

The costumes and set were great. Costumes very well put together and set was very moveable and set changes ran very smoothly.

I think STG is an amazing community theatre. We need more of those around the atlanta area. Great job STG! Another great show.....keep them coming! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Good Job
by jordan34
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
I had an opportunity to see Damn Yankees at the Southside Theatre Guild and I had a great time. I enjoyed many of the performances including, Tommy McDaniel as Applegate, Maureen McDaniel as Lola, Dina Schwam as Meg and Andrew Pucket as Young Joe. The ensemble of baseball players were very enjoyable to watch as well. The set was simple and worked well with movable and turntable type pieces. The bright red of the baseball uniforms looked great against the backdrop of the stage. If you get a chance go down to the Southside Theatre Guild and enjoy Damn Yankees. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
pacing is everything
by mediahound
Monday, July 25, 2005
So sorry to have to say this but "damn". The Guild has a beautiful facility and it looked like some of the cast was trying really hard but the show missed the mark. Yankees is a long show so pacing is everything, scene changes with curtains closing adds many minutes that need to not be there and breaking the 4th wall when the audience can't see or hear makes the show choppier. The "devil" was very good and entertaining and Lola tried hard but she missed on the sexy. She seemed tense and maybe the lights were hitting her wrong but she seemed to be singing to the rafters not the audience. But she is a very pretty girl and has a pleasant voice, she just seemed uncomfortable with the role.I hope to see her in something more suited to her talents. There were some lights on the speakers that were very distracting, maybe because of wiring issues they had to be on but it was not good. The men's chorus was a little tired and the number with Gloria seemed to drag on and on but the young man "Bryan" was really good. He is young but seems to really enjoy theatre and it shows. He looked good and was very active in all of his scenes, that's always nice, looking like you want to be there and are having a good time. The lost souls scene was nice, good touch with the fog but red lights under the fog would give a more helly look, it looked like clouds and i thought that they didn't go up and the flash pots were a nice touch too. I wish the Guild good luck with their future shows but the slow entrances/exits and dialoge really hurt this show. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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