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Death In England
a British Farce
by Sam Bobrick

COMPANY : Class Act Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Class Act Theatre [WEBSITE]
ID# 1054

SHOWING : October 08, 2004 - November 06, 2004



Death shows up at the home of a wealthy family, but soon discovers he has come to the wrong house. When his intended victim dies without his assistance, Death becomes concerned that someone has usurped his power. In classic murder mystery style, a police detective and a host of quirky characters are brought in to help solve the crime. Join in the fun of solving the mystery, but be careful or you will fall victim to laughter.

Cast Jai Husband
Stage Manager Kathy Perkins
Jonathan Pike Steve Banks
Jonathan Pike Stephen Banks
Irene Hedges Kayesha Belnap
Inspector Mirabelle John Brinkman
Constance Lawson Sara Crawford
Michael Hedges Jai Husband
Death Clint Johnson
Alfie Crown Rex Ottinger
Jane the Maid Marissa Weaver
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Details to D.I.E. for!
by thatsFillarius
Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Okay, admittedly I'm a card-carrying fan of the work of Jai Anthony-Lewis Husband, but up until now, my fanatic groupie-ism has revolved around his acting. This was the first play I've seen him direct (well, first full length piece. I saw a short play that he directed earlier this summer.), and now I'm sold on the directing front. Brilliant, is all I can say. Brilliant execution of what I'm sure was a funny script to begin with. But Mr. Husband and this extremely talented (and young, might I add) cast have really brought this show to another level of quality theatre experience. For me, the details in this production were simply amazing. From playing Beatles music during pre-show that put you in the british mood right away, to the campy soap-opera organ rifts during the outlandish character revelations in the plot, the details just really sold this production.

There was not a weak link in this production. I loved how Clint Johnson's Death wore sandals--again, details--underneath his macabre robe. And the crazy maid, played by Marissa Weaver had me nearly peeing my pants everytime she bounced into the room to introduce someone. She literally entered a different way each time, whether it was shuffling, tap dancing, or goose-stepping, this girl was so over the top, it was like watching a Warner Brothers cartoon. Special mention goes to John Brinkman who plays the confusingly idiotic/supersleuthing, fast-talking Inspector Mirabelle. With his handlebar mustache and his effet execution of the role, I couldn't help but join the others in the audience in offering several rousing ovations after his crazy monologues. And that bit on the piano! I've never laughed so hard. It was like Inspector Clousseau possessed by the spirit of Little Richard! But like I said, there were no weak links. Kudos to Kayesha Belnap, Rex Ottington (how he stayed still on the ground for nearly two acts while all that craziness was going on around him I don't know!), Steve Banks (brilliant, by the way), Sara Crawford, and Jai Husband (loved the chain-smoking bit that went as far as smoking eight cigarettes at one time!)

This is definitely an Atlanta theatre must-see. Quality from the set to the props--when Kayesha Belnap pulled that flask out of the couch to give the other lady a hit of booze out of nowhere, I wanted to stand up and and scream how much I loved this show! It's exciting to know that small community theaters are putting on shows that rival, if not surpass, the quality of larger, professional companies. This is the kind of play you want to get a group of friends together and go back for a second time, which is exactly what I plan to do. The cast looks like friends having a bloody great time and that's what I had experiencing it. Hats off to Mr. Husband for this excellent show. You guys have got a hit. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Yeeaaahhhhhhh by Shades
"I loved how Clint Johnson's Death wore sandals--again, details--underneath his macabre robe."

Yeeahh but we all saw that one get worn out in the Family Guy reruns on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.


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