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9 Parts of Desire, by Heather Raffo
Yet Another Pass for Sub-Par Work
Friday, May 11, 2007
Thank God Ms. El-Attar was in this production.

Look, I am not a reviewer, and will make no attempt to put these comments into a proper "review" format. But I have some very important things to say.

The fact that it was too hot in the theatre for Mr. Rudy is an issue. And if it caused him to be drowsy I think the management of Horizon Theatre OUGHT to read about it somewhere. But I suspect that even though Mr. Rudy is unwilling to admit it or even recognize it, Ms. Cook and Ms. Fraulo were at least patially responsible for his dozing.

I just didn't believe a word of it. Not one word. Is was so "put on", so forced forward that I never got into the story. I couldn't.

Look I don't know that much about theatre, and I don't go to see a lot of plays in this town, but I read the AJC review of this play and I read the reviews here, and I thought here was this great play I needed to go see.

Well, If this is what is celebrated by the arts community, then it makes me feel like I need to look elsewhere to spend my time and money on cultural enrichment. And I say that with sadness because I like to go see good actors on stage.

You don't get a pass JUST because its all women and its politically correct to celebrate that. And you don't get a pass JUST because the issues are current and poignant and its socially correct to be concerned. If I am going to the theatre, it has to be a good PLAY. And this just wasn't.

Action Movie II: Episode One, by Daniel May
Big Fun, Big Laughs, Big Fros!
Friday, July 6, 2001
Okay, JHodge, lighten up! This is not high art. But neither is most theatre anymore. At least at Dad's Garage you can buy a bucket of beer and just sit back and laugh at the silly people. What a release!! I LOVED this production from top to bottom!! And another thing . . . Damon "the jackhammer" Boggess is my hero! Any criticism of him is utterly asinine. He and all the other collaborators on Action Movie II: Espisode One deserve a big round of applause. You ROCK!!!!

Hearts, by Willy Holtzman
A Touching Story
Sunday, February 18, 2001
Not the best thing you've ever seen at the Alliance, this play is still certainly worth the price of admission. Holtzman's story takes a close look at the life of an average World War II veteran and shows (through flashback) the onset of wartime emotional stress that he is now froced to confront. The ensemble is so succesful at creating a compelling, and honest "build" to the action, that it is a little dissapointing when the energy dissipates during the truly climactic moments. But all in all, a very touching evening of theatre. It is worth noting one breakthrough performance: Jessie Andary as the Austrian Shock-Therapist. That alone is worth the trip to the Arts Center. Go check this one out before it closes!

The Big Bored, by Matt Johnson, Brian Phillips, Elizabeth Harris
Thought Provoking and Raw!
Wednesday, October 25, 2000
Cheers to Horizon Theatre for giving plays like this a home! This fast-paced comedy takes the audience through an absurd and often grotesque whirlwind of vignettes that challenge the mind and ask the question: "What's not to like about poop?" The brilliance in this work is that during all the belly laughs and guffaws, there is real beauty and meaning sneaking up on you. Atlanta theatre fans will be pleasantly surprised at the intelligence of this cast and this script. WELL worth your seven dollars. Go see it!

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