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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield
very enjoyable show - tons of laughs
Monday, May 19, 2008
Loved this production, it's my kind of comedy. If you like sketch comedy and slapstick mixed with intelligent humor, go see this show. Not appropriate for children due to occasional sexual references / humor. Wish I was more familiar with Shakespeare as I probably would have enjoyed it even more. Interaction with the audience was very funny (although some of my friends said they don't like audience participation in general). I find it impressive that only 3 actors pulled this off, the amount of line memorization was extensive and well executed. Thoroughly loved the "backwards" segment. Did not notice any mistakes, dead time, etc. These 3 actors worked well off one another. Well done, TOM.

Golden Age of Radio Show, by Scott Lindquist
Monday, September 26, 2005
If you missed this run of the Philco Radio Show, you missed a gem. The set appeared to be authentically recreated, complete with the sound effects technician. I think I had more fun watching him than watching the show itself. The music (both background effects as well as song numbers) was very good, all the ladies who sang had voices that fit the era well. The character voices were very entertaining and well done. The audience was also used for some sound effects, which was fun for everyone. And the old time radio commercials for things like Palmolive beauty soap were realistic and funny to hear.
There was one section, however, in the Gunsmoke segment that was difficult to hear the actor's voices over the sound effects and intentional background noise.
Go see this group when they come around again. And take your grandparents with you, chances are good that they'll enjoy it even more than you will.

Steel Magnolias, by
STEEL a bad rating
Tuesday, January 28, 2003
I am still rating this show a 0.
The person who rated the show a 4 was in my mind in the show.
There was never anything stating that Ouiser and Clairee were mother and daughter. And the photos on the wall could not be seen that well from the front row. Only someone in the show would have known that the photos were cast members.
Please do not waste your time and money seeing this show.

Steel Magnolias, by
Steel Magnolias doesn't STEEL the show
Friday, January 24, 2003
What can I say about this classic that most everyone loves. Honestly speaking, if Shelby say this production, she would be rolling over in her grave.
This is one of the worst productions I have seen in a long time.
The acting was horrible, the sound was terrible, and the "direction" of the show was non-existent.
The actors that played M'Lynn and Annelle were the best ones in the show. I feel sorry for them, because you could tell they put everything into the show while the others didn't.
There were dropped lines left and right, the costuming and set design looked like something that come from a pawn shop, and I hope the director of this show gets more training on the subject.
The show is almost 3 hours and if you do decide to venture out and see this show, please bring a pillow. You will fall asleep as I did.
I wouldn't waste $14.00 on this show. You can rent the movie for $3.99 and spend the rest on popcorn and junior mints.

The Music Man, by Meredith Willson
A Show to remember!!
Sunday, July 7, 2002
What can I say about the classic that everyone loves. The Music Man by Meredith Willson has been a favorite of mine for years and for some reason the production at the Little General/ Cobb Community Playhouse was one of the best.
With the Musical and Acting Talents of the cast and directors, this is the show to see.
Marian Paroo (Kristine Lynch) will have you wanting more. She has a way of making you laugh and then she will turn right around and make you cry. She has a voice that will make the strongest heart melt.
Harold Hill (Kyle Price), who obviously has done this before. There were a few missed lines, but his timing was good.
Marcellus Washburn (Steven Kamishlian) played the role that everyone would love to play, the side kick to the swindler. He was full of energy and it showed while singing and dancing to Shipoopi. A wonderful character for a great singer/actor.
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn (Zanny Leach-Dillson) was the high light of the show for me. Where the directors found this character the world my never know. With her stern, but campy role as the Mayor's wife she had me rolling in my seat.
I think the directors must of known what they were doing when they were looking for this cast. This is a must see for all.

Carrie White: The Musical*, by Sean Daniels, George Faughnan (adapted), Joel Abbott (Music)
What in the World.
Sunday, July 7, 2002
What can I say about this show. It was very different.
There wasn't much to the plot and there is not much to say about this show.
I have seen better. I gave it a 1(one) to be nice.

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