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Halloween Dreams, by
Worth the gas or walking to, if you enjoy Halloween
Sunday, October 5, 2008
I too was in the audience on opening night and would like to rebut the review by neilsimonfan. Except for him, the audience loved the show and gave exceptional applause at the end to Chris Sawyer as Gram Doobie. The reviewer has obviously never actually seen the play before because he appears to have been expecting a serious adult drama. Get real! The title alone should be enough to know that this is a light hearted show for families with kids. And in that light, the quality of the production was very good. The woman mentioned was laughing because she was with her two kids and they enjoyed the show! (She was also nominated for a MAT award and knows what she is doing.) In fact, any theatre lover who is young enough at heart to like the fun side of Halloween will enjoy the show. Of course dried up old prunes probably should save the gas - or not walk (or wake). The reviewer obviously has a hidden agenda, since at the very least the lights and music were perfect for the show. I especially enjoyed the subtle outdoor background sounds throughout the show. Gerard Foret is a seasoned professional who makes his living designing and running tech. He graciously agreed to do this, his first show at Theatre On Main, as a personal favor to Andrea Redd who has directed a lot of memorable well done plays and musicals at a lot of theatres. Her adaptation at the end involved no additions or changes to the dialog. It is merely a creative way of acting out the closing line that I found satisfying, was suitable for the intended audience, and was well within the rights of directorial interpretation. The only other major adaptation was actually minor and was absolutely necessary for this script to be produced in conservative Cobb county. BTW - Andrea was at the show and would have talked to anyone who asked for her. She simply doesn't have a need for the self-promoting speeches that some directors do pre-show.

Folks, if the review had been written by Brad Rudy, you could give it some credence since Brad at least has the courage to sign his name. The reviewer didn't, which has advantages and disadvantages at this web site. I just wanted to point out that in this case, it seems to indicate a personal axe to grind. (Sorry, but the phrase fits the show!)

Alan DeRocher
For the record, I am not a member of the cast or crew of Halloween Dreams, but I do occasionally direct shows and run tech at Theatre On Main, and I am married to their wonderful Artistic Director.

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