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Disney's Beauty and the Beast, by Alan Menken
What I did last night.
Friday, March 24, 2006
I hope that peaked your curiosity! Last night, I was witness to one of the best high school/community theater performances ever!

I saw this show on Broadway years ago and I'm sure my statements will resonate today. This show is magnificent. If you enjoyed the movie, you will be entranced by this show. Our CHS students are INCREDIBLE. If you don’t enjoy most musicals—don’t fret—this one will change the way you feel about them. Rhonda Fossum has outdone herself with this production. The music is incredible, the set design and special effects are wonderous, and the story itself is intriguing and keeps your attention. This is probably the best show I’ve seen in a LONG time. If you know me—that is A LOT. It is a show for the entire family. Last night we were blessed to have some senior citizens in the audience—not the teachers—and they were mesmerized by the performances. I even saw a couple of them waving their hands in the air to the beat of the wonderful music of our orchestra conducted by our infamous Jim Palmer!

It's one of those shows that makes you feel good after you see it. It makes you so PROUD of who you teach and with whom you work. I would definitely consider seeing it again and again. Every line and bit of shtick hit home, and the showstopper "Be Our Guest" made me swell with pride as I wiped the tears away. You will see your students transformed into semi-transformed household items like spoons, forks and knives, napkins, salt and pepper shakers, brooms and corkscrews strutting across the stage. (Yes its overblown and silly, but its great to see an audience still can go nuts over such a joyous showstopper.)

You will equally be amazed with the set design and costumes. The show takes you to a magical and mystical place full of fun, laughter, romance and tears. The choral performance are impeccable. You will be astounded with the vocal talents of these young people. If you are young at heart—and I think we are all in some way or another—working with teenagers all the time-- I HIGHLY recommend Beauty and the Beast. It is a charming show. Even if you think you are tired, have a lot of grading to do, do not want to come back to school on a weekend or at night—DO IT ANYWAY. You will be so glad you did. You may even feel compelled to write a review—I didn’t mean it to become one—like I did!! Enjoy!! Cry, laugh out loud, take pleasure in being a part of Beauty and the Beast!

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