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Whole World Theatre Comedy Improv, by Whole World Players
Lots of laughs!
Friday, August 19, 2005
Oh, c'mon! I find it hard to believe that, all of a sudden, 3 negative reviews pop up within 24 hours of each other regarding Whole World when there hasn't been a review in 4 months of this improv show. Someone has an agenda here to put a bad name on a show that, in my opinion, is a lot of laughs.

Yes, there are different nights at Whole World where there are different levels of actors (some in training), and with improv anywhere it can be hit-or-miss. It's the nature of spontaneity. However, I went to this past Saturday night's 10:30pm show and had a blast. I would say 99% of that audience were in stitches for most of the show. The actors truly let it all hang out (some more than others - thank you, Jamarie Gilmartin)!

It really is worth the money, and if you've not been to Whole World, check it out. This was my first visit, and I'm looking forward to going back.

Philip Covin

Angels in America, Part One: Millenium Approaches, by Tony Kushner
Friday, June 17, 2005
Let me start by saying that I would not normally review a show after only seeing a preview performance because I know that a preview generally comes with a disclaimer that says "yes, we may still have some bits to work out and don't be shocked if something falls over on stage". However, after last night's preview of Angels in America at Onstage Atlanta, I feel compelled to remark upon how wonderful this production is. Granted this is only Part 1, but Scott Rousseau has done a wonderful job of assembling a very talented cast along with implementing an ingenious set design. I believe I am correct in saying that the Alliance is the only other theater in town to attempt this production, yet Onstage has succeeded in putting together a great show.

Jeroy Hannah as Roy Cohn was quite impressive, and I was truly astonished after learning that he came into this show as a last-minute replacement. This is quite a large role, and he carried it effortlessly. Nick Tecosky (Louis) and Chris Skinner (Prior) collectively pull off a great performance as a couple whose fears and emotions push them apart. Both were perfectly cast and were very believable in their roles. In fact, the entire cast did a great job of being believable. And of course, Kim Salome makes it look easy to juggle more than one role in a show, creating two distinct characters as both Joe's mother and Ethel Rosenburg, as well as an impatient waitress. Simply put, she is extremely talented and a wonderful component of this cast.

Props to stage design and lighting/special effects for making this show work on the small stage - a very creative set.

Chances are you won't see this one again in Atlanta anytime soon, so don't miss it. Looking forward to Part 2 next month.

-Philip Covin

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