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Alice in Wonderland, by
Saturday, July 17, 2004

I have given this show an NR because I am connected to one of the cast members. If you are one of those who feel I shouldn't even comment then do not read the rest of this. But I can not let this go. I believe a Director who uses phrases like "actors with no conviction" appears to lack conviction in teaching and directing young actors himself. I do not believe the real Dominique Serrand would give a review like this but if he has I would like him to meet my little actor and hear how much conviction is in her soul. I would like to speak to this director and I wish he would give us all a chance to to discuss non equity children's theater with him. This could not be a director of children's theater. I will be giving the real Dominique a call and I will be back to let everyone know if this was a legit review. We have gotten way too much negative P.R. and I feel negative press is worse than no press for these actors. If he is Dominique, one would have to take his review with a grain of salt, since it is somewhat of a conflict of interest when he himself is a director of children's theater. The chldren/teens in this play were casted by Jason and he directed them to play their characters exactly the way they played them. To not go overboard with the except for the mad hatter who did play his part out there because he is the mad hatter. Chesire cat played her role like a teasing female cat, and Alice played her role like a child who just dropped into a world of contradictions. They were told not to overact but be themselves and enjoy doing it. I know these kids and they do enjoy it, however, it's easier to get into their parts when their audience is open to the creative changes and shows a little emotion themselves. And most directors know this. I have seen this show a number of times and the children in the camps or thursday and friday have loved it each time. That is the audience that this play is directed for. After the show the children ran up and hugged Alice and chesire cat and got auto graphs of the actors... they loved it. Dominique, why don't you come on a thursday and watch the campers reations and see how the actors relate to them. You did not give the a fair review, I am sure they would like to meet you and hear your constructive critcizm.

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