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Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell
smashing good show 4.5
Sunday, November 2, 2003
I must admit my only two qualifications for reviewing this show are that I went and I own a computer.

I am no regular patron of the theater but as a veteran of seeing live shows many times I can attest to a few things.

For one, no matter how well trained you are, not matter how hard you've worked or how well you've prepared, you can have a bad night. Athletes are a prime example of this.

Two, to be moved the material must be well written. Having some deep thought put into the work is the difference between good and brilliant. If it's something predictable and scarred with easy solutions it dulls the experience.

Another thing (not that anyone has said different) is that venue means everything and means nothing. I've seen some of the worst shows in the best Atlanta has to offer and vice versa.

Last, some nights the shows are better than others. Some evenings it all comes together. The performers and crowd share an incredible experience that leaves everyone feeling like something special has just happened. It's a true joy and connection that emits from everything and adds so much to the experience. The performers feed off of it and the show becomes for lack of a better word, magical. I go for those nights, when everything is on.

As for last night I thought the show was great. The actors were cast very well. Andy Meeks was perfect for Mickey and does a great job showcasing his talents of singing and acting. Shelley Murphy does an excellent job as well and was very believable in her role of Mrs. Johnstone. She's a great singer too. Jason Meinhardt was great in his role as the Narrator, setting the mood of each scene. Shaun Whitely did a fine job like Andy, of portraying a character who grows up before your eyes. Paige Anderson playing the girl in the middle, fills her role superbly. She's perfect for this part. Robin Gurin as Mrs. Lyons was perfect for her part as well and was very convincing. The rest of the cast Kelly Grady, Brian Godeski, Ron Chenoweth, Wally Hinds, and Lisa Kopkin do excellent jobs in filling the other roles and acting as stage crew. I thought everyone had a great night and Kudzu is very lucky to have them all. (No matter how many times they are cast)

The venue was great for community theater. It was cozy and added to the sense of a shared experience. As far as a buzz in the air I would say it was there. The crowd was very responsive and the theater was pretty much full.

The weakest part? The story itself. I thought some parts too predictable. Some parts unbelievable. I thought tying in Marilyn Monroe during the musical numbers was great but they did it one too many times. The cast make the story move, not the writing.

I think I was there on a very good night. This cast and crew as they proved are more than capable of making this an incredible experience for the novice and veteran theater goers of Atlanta. Thanks to all. John

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