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The 24 Hour Plays - Part XII

a Variety Night
by Various

COMPANY : Synchronicity Performance Group [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Horizon Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
ID# 952

SHOWING : September 21, 2003 - September 21, 2003



Here’s how it works: 16 writers gather at 11pm at Horizon Theatre on a Saturday night. They are randomly paired and told to produce a 12-minute script by 7am. “We’re not done” is not an option. At 8am on Sunday eight directors come in, are handed scripts and the day begins. The directors cast their shows, call the actors and begin rehearsing frantically, in hallways and driveways, lobbies and dressing rooms. The show goes up, ready or not, at 8pm.

"One Tree Forest: A Revenge Play" Suehyla El-Attar
"Neighbors" Andrew Fritts
Brian (and Other Reflections On the Comi Joe Gfaller
"Depth of a Salesman" Mike Katinsky
"Neighbors" Elaine Kotler
"The Tourist" Jennie Law
"The Continuing Adventures of Cashman" Eric Lease
"Brian (and Other Reflections on the Com Erich Mees
"Charity Begins At Home" Topher Payne
"Depth of a Salesman" Matt Pettefer
"The Continuing Adventures of Cashman" Saffa Sammander
"Charity Begins At Home" Robin Seidman
"The Tourist" Jolie Simmons
"Meat Your Maker" Dan Walsh
"Meat Your Maker" Todd Westby
"One Tree Forest: A Revenge Play" Steve Yockey
Cast Carter Bevis
Cast Stephanie Harvey
Cast Hope Mirlis
Cast Addae Moon
Cast Michele Pearce
"Charity Begins At Home" Cathy Alexander
"Brian (and Other Reflections on the Com Jessie Andary
"Depth of a Salesman" Sandra Benton
"Neighbors" Anthony Farrell
"The Tourist" Melissa Foulger
"The Continuing Adventures of Cashman" Tyler Owens
"One Tree Forest: A Revenge Play" Topher Payne
Mother Goose - "One Tree Forest: A Reven Topher Payne
"Meat Your Maker" Kimberly A West
Boy Friday Jeff Bartlett
Program Carter Bevis
House Manager Holly Blain
Girl Friday Jennifer Brown
Sound Operator Kyle Carson
Concessionaire Anastasia Dunn
Honorable Mention Suehyla El-Attar
Concessionaire Sean Hamilton
Computer God Mike Katinsky
Box Office Elaine Kotler
Girl Friday Lena Kotler
Musical Director/Choreographer - "The Co Kalina "Kitten" McCreery
Assistant Director - "Brian (and Other R Nathan Mobley
24-Hour Warrior Topher Payne
Assistant Director - "Charity Begins At Nancy Riggs
Stage Manager Larry Schwartz
Box Office Mary Stewart
Girl Friday Mary Stewart
Patty - "Meat Your Maker" Rachel Bodenstein
Chloe - "Neighbors" Claire Brown
Sally - "Brian (and Other Reflections on Jennifer L. Caldwell
Nanny - "Charity Begins At Home" Theresa Cunningham
Jennifer Radcliffe-Morningside - "Charit Michelle Donovan
Mr. Bogemill/Wino - "Depth of a Salesman David Glenn Eblen
Clair - "The Tourist" Suehyla El-Attar
Dr. Hendrickson - "Brian (and Other Refl Suehyla El-Attar
Oliver - "Charity Begins At Home" Joey Ellington
Jumbo Joe - "Meat Your Maker" Will W Fowlkes
Child - "The Continuing Adventures of Ca Hillari Fowlkes
Madison Parker - "Depth of a Salesman" Sasha Friedman
McReba - "Meat Your Maker" Barrie Gibson
Adult Female - "The Continuing Adventure Jo Howarth
Mrs. Bogemill - "Depth of a Salesman" Sarah Irle
Jim - "Meat Your Maker" Clint Johnson
Peter - "One Tree Forest: A Revenge Play Kannon Keene
Rose - "Meat Your Maker" Mary Claire Klooster
Chad Williams - "Depth of a Salesman" Clayborn Knight
Dancer - "The Continuing Adventures of C Kalina "Kitten" McCreery
Man - "Brian (and Other Reflections on t J.P. Menese
Jessica - "Brian (and Other Reflections Rona Nix
Max - "Neighbors" Sheehan O'Heron
Janet - "Neighbors" Traci Redmond
Narrator - "The Continuing Adventures of Brad Rudy
Stan Morningside - "Charity Begins At Ho Ethan Scott
Drew - "The Tourist" Jayson Smith
Mark - "Neighbors" Spencer G. Stephens
Adult Male - "The Continuing Adventures Christopher Thomas
Clark Howard - "The Continuing Adventure Clint Thornton
Dan - "The Tourist" Wade Tilton
Lil - "Meat Your Maker" Christie Vozniak
Jim - "Neighbors" Randy Weinstein
Buns - "Meat Your Maker" Anna Whitson
Beth - "Neighbors" Holly Williamson
Wendy - "One Tree Forest: A Revenge Play Elizabeth Wright-Coats
Bob Jijohansen - "Depth of a Salesman" Jeffery Zwartjes
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