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The 1940's Radio Hour

a Play with Music
by Walton Jones

COMPANY : Theatre in the Square [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Theatre In The Square:Alley Stage [WEBSITE]
ID# 938

SHOWING : November 17, 2004 - December 31, 2004



Fabled WOV, a seedy little New York radio station takes to the air at the beginning of World War II, this time to record a broadcast for the troops overseas. An inside look at the making of a live broadcast, complete with old-time sound effects and infectious 1940s music and dancing. The 23rd annual production. Great for the family.

Choreographer Jen MacQueen
Director Susan Reid
Choreographer Jennifer Millman MacQueen
Musical Director Michael Monroe
Lou Christopher Ekholm
Connie Laura Floyd
Neal Tony Hayes
Ginger Jennifer Millman MacQueen
B.J. Jonathan MacQueen
Ginger Jen MacQueen
Clifton Allen O'Reilly
Ann Jessica Phillips
Pops Gene Ruyle
Johnny Christopher Ryan
Wally Mark W. Schroeder
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by Parrott65
Wednesday, December 22, 2004
I went to the matinee of this performance and left the establishment with a feeling that I had just witnessed an actual radio performance set within the 1940's. I think that the method in which this show was written, worked PERFECTLY for the alley stage. The sound, the set, the lights, and especially the costumes really brought to life a world that America once knew, before I was even a seed in my father's loins.
The energy level of this show was at a maximum, with choreography, vocals, and character development expounded on in ways that, once again, demonstrates why Theater in the Square is one of the more popular theaters in the Atlanta area. The two funniest characters of this show were Ginger and Wally (yes, that would be Mark, aka Okely Dokely). Their goofy characters made me focus on them for the majority of the show, even during a time when they were just sitting off to the side without any significant movement. The two leads were equally as powerful in their performances, demonstrating some vocal talent that left me drooling for more.
I would highly recommend this performance to anyone and must say that it's well worth the ticket cost. Another perfect show for Theater in the Square. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
to further explain... by Parrott65
After I sent that review, I felt like it wasn't enough. So, here is my "supplement" to that one. First of all, the set design was excellent for the needs of the alley stage and show. It was nice to see the checkerboard floor, the bandstand, the old style michrophones, and even the coke refrigerator that were placed on the scene. What really caught my eye was the snow effect that was used at the end of the show, outside the stage door. Those little things really make me walk away and remember what I saw. It's amazing what an affect they have on the audience. Pops, who in my opinion, was VERY GOOD at his performance and almost reminded me of someone I've seen on T.V. The funny performances of Wally (i.e., the blonde wig scenes and also the solo that he performed) were great, but what really grabbed me about his character was at the beginning when he was begging everyone to let him be in the show. I don't know why, but that showed alot of talent right from the start that made me respect his character and showed that he is no stranger to the acting world. Ginger was an AWESOME tap dancer. I'm sure I looked like I had Graves Desease when she was doing her tap, because I sure felt like my eyes were bugging out of my head. Finally, let's not forget Biff, the trumpet player. I can't put into words his ability at that instrument. Well, I guess that was long winded, but that's my view of the show and was very pleased.


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