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Sunday In The Park With George: IN CONCERT

a Musical
by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine

COMPANY : Onstage Atlanta, Inc. [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Onstage Atlanta, Inc. (Decatur) [WEBSITE]
ID# 654

SHOWING : March 06, 2003 - March 16, 2003



The Pulitzer Prize Winning musical comes to the stage at Onstage Atlanta, presenting some of the best singers in the city in a staged concert setting. Following on the heels of the smash hit "Jekyll and Hyde: In Concert" you won't want to miss this wonderful story of George Seurrat and the fictional story of his painting masterpiece "Sunday On The Isle of La Grande Jatte". Tickets only $15. Don't miss it! Reservations STRONGLY recommended.

Music Director Eric Smithey
Director Barry N. West
Light Board Op Chris Montedoro
Lighting Designer Gary L White
Pianist BJ Brown
Pianist Jeff Funderburk
Louise Caitlin Bradbury
Dot Maura Carey Gebhardt
Louis Steve Cernek
Old Lady (Mother) Mimi Deupree
Frieda Hope Hargadon
Jules Michael Huey
Soldier Gary Kapp
Yvonne Ginger Morris
Celeste #2 Holly Parsons
Nurse/ Mrs. Chalis Pomeroy
Boatman Gary Prewitt
Mister Scott F. Rousseau
George Tad Wilson
Celeste #1 Ann Zadoff
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I hate it when you have to wait for things to grow on you
by Okely Dokely
Monday, July 14, 2003
I didn't much care for this show, but it wasn't really the fault of anyone involved with this particular production. I'm just not much of a Sondheim fan, and the music in "Sunday" is probably the worst of his I've heard. The songs are often too long, too wordy, and they drone on and on with nary an interesting melody. In typical Sondheim fashion, this is probably a "grow on you" show, but if you have to listen to it a few times in order to like it, that's not a good sign, as I've found that most musicals have several songs that get in your head right away and make you end up humming them. "A Funny Thing...Forum" is, so far, the only Sondheim show that had lots of songs that grabbed me and were memorable the first time around. The only one in "Sunday in the Park..." that I really dug was "Putting it Together." Acting as a true abberation and a breath of fresh air (after all the monotonous "blue blue blue" nonsense), I found this number to be awfully catchy, and Tad did a fabulous job with it.

As George, Tad was very appealing and worthy of his starring role. He has a voice and a presence that makes me want to see more of him in the future - I certainly hope he's here to stay; let Broadway keep who they have now. His barking and oinking were very well done, too.

In the dual roles of Dot and Marie, Maura showed dimensions that I had previously not seen from her. Seemingly normally cast in soprano roles, she proved to have a hell of a belt voice as an alto. What an awesome set of pipes.

This is the second show that I've seen in Onstage's new location, and something needs to be done about the backstage noise. The actors' conversations before the show and during intermission were louder than that of the audience. Also, the night I was there, there were some techincal difficulties with the screen projection in the center wall, unless of course, the Toshiba logo randomly popping up was supposed to be a form of subliminal brainwashing. One other small gripe I had was with a couple of performers who broke character to a distracting level, by either having conversations while sitting in their seats onstage or during a freeze, or by getting into what looked like giggling fits while they are supposed to be frozen, but these are miniscule things which wouldn't have deterred me from giving a show a '5' rating had it earned it otherwise. I don't regret seeing this show, but I have, and will see better quality works from this theater. I am optimistic about the new season.

7/14/03 update: I edited this review because there was a spelling error that was bugging me. I didn't realize that editing your review brought it back up to the top of the review list. Kind of embarrassing, as this review seemed to cause some heat. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Background noise by Diane5576
I had to comment on the background noise. The theatre is next door to a bowling alley. We not only hear all of the "strikes", we also hear music and conversations through the wall. As the stage manager, I can tell you it wasn't the actors.

And the Toshiba logo popped up when we lost power to the projector. Sorry about the glitch.

donate by Mister
If you would like to help the theatre with their sound problem, then donate to the company! Thanks for the comments.
Back to the top o' the heap! by TheaterReview
We didn't realize that editing would reset the review date and put it to the top either. Oops!

I'll look into changing that so that corrections to spelling errors don't garner so much attention... :)

Broadway Voices Excellent Show
by park fan
Saturday, March 15, 2003
talent for future shows? Come hire the entire cast of "Sunday
in the Park with George". They are incredible. Congratulations!
Onstage Atlanta has done it again. Another award winning musical.
Congratulations to the entire cast. They all did a great job.
Tad Wilson was incredible as George as was Maura Carey as Dot.
They were wonderful together. We would love to see them together
soon in another musical. Wilson put his whole being into George.
His voice is truly that of a Broadway professional. He will go far.
Scott Rousseau and Chalis Pomeroy were to funny. Don't Miss this
Sunday in the Park with George is outstanding!!
by Myreview
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Tad Wilson as "George" is just incredible!! Maura Carey as "Dot" is equally awesome!! Together, they can give any Broadway show a run for the money!! And I have to mention Scott Rousseau as "Mr." to Chalis Pomeroy's "Mrs." - they are just hysterical! Seeing their scenes alone is worth the price of admission!!

Don't miss this awesome show! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
I agree! by ImaMama
I saw the show Saturday night, and was thoroughly entertained! While Tad and Maura were exemplary as "George" and "Dot", the rest of the cast cannot be overlooked. There is so much talent here! Good work Onstage Atlanta!! Keep 'em coming!
Outstanding Musical
by reviewer1
Monday, March 10, 2003
Balanced, well-performed, award winning Sondheim musical. The performance of Tad Wilson as George equals the lively performance of any Broadway professional. He brings George to life and absorbs himself in the persona of the character. His performance and that of Maura Carey, Dot, is like peaches and cream. Not only do their voices blend well but they bring magic to the relationship.

A lighthearted performance by Caitlin Bradbury shows maturity and a promising acting future. Her relationship with her mother, played by Ginger Morris, exudes the immaturity of a thirteen year old.

"Move On," the final song of the show will bring tears to one's eyes. Wilson emotes the words and music with a passion seldom seen or heard in community theater.

If he can perform to the level of "Sunday in the Park...," Wilson should have a promising future in acting.

"Sunday..." is well worth the time spent in enjoyment and personal reflection. I recommend it unreservedly. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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