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Runaway Bride
a World Premiere
by Beverly Cantwell and Deborah Childs

COMPANY : Red Clay Theatre
VENUE : Red Clay Theatre
ID# 2733

SHOWING : March 13, 2008 - April 20, 2008



"Runaway Bride." Re-live the chaos as Duluth becomes center stage in the runaway story that captured the nation's attention: the runaway bride. A Red Clay Theatre Production written by Beverly Cantwell and Deborah Childs.

Red Clay Theatre & Arts Center
3116 Main Street
Duluth, GA 30096

Director Deborah Childs
Ensemble Larry Jr.
Ensemble Elizabeth Blakemore
Old Woman Barbara Bruce
Ensemble Lenora Bryant
Ensemble Corley Bryant
Ensemble Too Too Cirlot
Ensemble Jim Dailey
Old Man Dean Fowler
Elvis Randy Hogan
Ensemble Keelie Hogan
Ensemble Anslie Hogan
Ensemble Barry Hopkins
Ensemble Kirsten King
Ensemble Greg Locurto
Ensemble Alli McKnight
Ensemble Jessica Royals
Ensemble Jessica Thompson
Ensemble Whitney Umstead
Ensemble Takara Upshaw
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Alot of inside Duluthian jokes
by St. Genesius
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
This type of theater gives community theater a bad name. Just because it's community theater does not mean it has to be bad quality - and this show was just that - bad. The script was written with alot of storyline that only Duluthians could relate to. I did feel like I got more insight into how the runaway bride affected the community and it pulled me into that time as if I was a community member...but man was there some horrific script writing. FOR EXAMPLE: There were atleast 2 scenes with a character on the phone who is put on hold, and the audience is literally sitting there in silence until the other caller clicks back over, do you really want to bore me that badly?

Also the blocking of this show was embaressing. You had lead singers upstage in corners with other actors literally blocking him and the Mayor being blocked that you couldn't even see her...

I doubt the actors knew what they were getting into just as audience members didn't either...It would take a lot to get me back out to this theater..For the same price I can actually see professional theater. But I wouldn't want to see this show even if they were giving tickets away. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Words Can't Express It ; Can THEY?
by Ratatouille
Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Ok well.. I don't know where to start so it's as my friends always say,"it's always best to start at the beginning". I actually saw this show weeks ago, but it was so..perhaps..well..I couldn't even comment on it, it's taken some time for me to get my words together and I'm going to do the best I can.
I'll start by saying. CAST I FEEL SOOOOOOO SORRY FOR YOU! IF I WERE YOU ALL I'D BE EMBARASSSSSED TO DO THAT CRAP.The script was obviously poorly written. The show didn't make sense at all. Down to buisness. The set was REMARKABLE, kudos to the set designer... in the words of Borat "NOT". I guess it's called using your imagination (seriously). It was mainly about the City of Duluth um ok yeah what about the bride. I thought this show was going to be on point. I was so excited I just knew that it was going to be to a button presser& all sorts of crude. But it was more of a poorly written satire. I didnt understand all the brides, but maybe legal purposes. A few of the songs that were sung were sung by people who were much too refined to sing those songs, don't get me wrong they sounded good, just too refined. It had its funny moments: marching,chicken-choking,the rap, MAYOR & 1 specific COP. The show had GREAT PROPS I'm serious about that compliment, but I guess they had to, to make up for the SET.OH P.S. A Lot of Celebrities were in the play. Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel L. Jackson etc. HAHA Well I guess I'm finished. I would LOVE to see these Actors & Actresses in a different prodution. Hope you guys made good friends cause obviously you didn't make good reviews.
Runaway idea
by g8grrl
Monday, April 7, 2008
I'm sorry cast members for sounding harsh. Your performances are very good and I really like your energy and enthusiasm. I liked the dancing and esp the rap song. You all make the best of your time on stage, and I like you all. So don't be mad. Your show is disappointing not because of you but because of the music and the script. The plot doesn't even deal with the runaway bride herself, like wouldn't that be a great story? Yes, but you don't go there. Instead you focus on the Duluth community, which is boring. Omg, who cares about the neighbors? But thats not the big problem. The big problem is the book and music aren't fully developed yet. Its like were watching the first draft someone's pretty clever but half-baked idea. The story is disjointed, the songs are weak, and the scenes are VERY silly. The lighting and props are good, but there is no set to speak of. But what really makes me mad is the show is as short as a one-act play. I drove 50 miles and paid $15 to see an hour long show? Like, wow, no wonder people flee Duluth. Okay, okay, maybe that was below the belt. Hehehe. I congratulate the theater for trying something original, but for the money is it wrong for me to expect more? [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Agree by Ratatouille
I agree the actors were trying their hardest to "act" like they were enjoying do the show. I feel sorry for them. The props & lighting was amazing. I'm sorry to hear that you drove 50 MILES! hope you got a few laughs. It did seem like it was a first draft someone written and they were trying to do a run through. oh well better luck next time
-Rat Out


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