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TEACHERS, the Musical!

a Musical Comedy
by Robin Seidman

COMPANY : Theatre On Main [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Theatre On Main [WEBSITE]
ID# 2395

SHOWING : August 10, 2007 - September 08, 2007



True Tales from the Teacherís Lounge! A desperate retiree discovers her new student, problem child, is a toe breaker and her young teaching partner has only taught cats. A musical comedy about tested teachers who struggle to save their school, and themselves.

Writer/Composer Joyce Puskas
Writer/Composer David Reeb
Writer/Composer Robin Seidman
Director Bill Jury
Technical Director Michael Andrew Dillson
Stage Manager Robin Hutcheson
Sammy Brian Gamel
Principal Larry Sludge Barry Hopkins
Chrissy Collins Aliya Hutcheson
Belle Tobbins Angela McCulloch
Doris Gross Joyce Puskas
Steven Justin Speck
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The Little Show That Could
by Jay Sherman
Wednesday, September 5, 2007
It started out as an idea that quickly went to readings directed by Jeffry Brown and done at Theatre Decatur. The next step, Cobb Playhouse...strike that...Theatre On Main. This show has a bunch of goos in it. Though billed as "Stories from the teachers lounge", it's more of a farce than a documusical. The best thing about the show is that the actors seem to have fun (weather they can sing or not). The fact they act oblivious to their short comings makes up some of the charm of this show. All the characters have delusions of grandeur, so why not the actors? It works, and comes across funny. there is a lesson to be learned here about committing to your role. There is nothing worse than watching an actor who is uncomfortable on stage. The show moves quickly and is pretty entertaining at points. The problem is, the show needs to decide weather or not it is a farce, romantic comedy or light hearted drama. That is were the show seems choppy and unstable. Like Blue Suede Inn before it, the characters become so cartoon like that you can't possibly relate. Well, with that aside-it is fun to watch. I agree with earlier comments that the set and lighting were lacking. Supposedly the quality of these issues was to improve with the new management. I guess not. These things are imoportant. Lighting and set is another character in a show. If it is weak it brings down the over all quality of the show. okay, school is out for toady. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
by Motley
First Thanks for coming out to see the show... I To like Theatre. But why now after over a year do people still call THEATRE ON MAIN cobb playhouse? It is not and will never be cobb play house.
I do agree about the lighting. Lighting takes money and Theatre on main is a community Theatre and as you may or may not know money is hard to come by in the community theatre world. And the new management is doing a great job given what they have to work with ....
Uhm Okay by Jay Sherman
Good basic lighting is not a matter of money. They have had it in shows I have seen there in the past. I met nothing disrespectful by my comments. I did not expect to see a new DMX system at 25 grand. Just good thought out lighting.
by g8grrl
Tuesday, August 28, 2007
TEACHERS is a HOT, HOT, HOT musical! Everyone must come see this! Robin Seidman is my hero! And what a great show. The set and tech is gay, but I loved the acting and singing. I'm sooo in love with the principal and the clerk. Barry and Joyce, you two are sooo phat and make TEACHERS even more amazing! In the words of the immortal Feather: FABUTASTIC! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
'Gay' is not an appropriate adjective by bellsplayer
Unless you meant that the set and tech were really fabulous.

definition? by mark
i looked up the definition. it has several meanings including "brightly colored and showy" and "offering fun and gaiety". since this is a glowing review, my guess is this is what g8grrl means.
Mark's definition by bellsplayer
You may be right, but since her 'but' indicates a negative juxtaposition, the word 'gay' can't be right because it has a positive connotation.

I believe her comment should read 'The set and tech is gay, and I loved the acting...' which would indicate that she liked all of it.

by Shadrach
Or maybe she loved the acting, but just hated the set design. Since she was so in love with the acting, she could forgive the set for being "so gay".
Teachers the Musical
by Bill Mann
Sunday, August 12, 2007
My wife and I saw this show during the first week and I reccomend it to everyone who enjoys a good laugh and has any memories of how we behaved while in elementary school. Robin Seidman has written a very funny show and David Reeb (beer spelled backwards)has composed a score that compliments the show nicely. The cast is excellent with Brian Gamel as "Satans Spawn" truly frightening, Barry Hopkins is perfect as Principal Sludge who is scared of children, Aliya Hutcheson as Chrissy Colins the idealistic novice teacher, Angela McCulloch the grizzeled old veteran teacher who is looking to retire, Justin Speck delivers cookies to the teachers break room and has a fine vioce. Last but in no way least is Joyce Puscas as Doris the school clerk who steals the show. Let every one be advised that this lady is tallented in many ways, she is a very pretty lady ,but you would never know because she can do so much with facial expressions, I think she may be like Lon Chaney and have a thousand faces. You may ask why I gave a 4 and the reason is that some of the lines were hard to hear and I am sure they will project more strongly next
week. If my spelling is bad, I can't find spellchek.


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