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Measure for Measure
a Play
by William Shakespeare

COMPANY : Rogue Planet
VENUE : Art Farm
ID# 228

SHOWING : March 22, 2001 - April 08, 2001



In this sensational and provocative update, nothing is as it seems in Vienna. The most loved Duke appoints Angelo, a strict subordinate, to sweep the streets of sexual licentiousness, who succeeds in suppressing vice butnot his own primitive desires when he is confronted with the beautiful and virtuous Isabella. The powerful and the powerless balance the scales and bargain for justice and mercy requiring sex for payment and placing authority above all else. Director Montica Pes (A Midsummer Night's Dream, New York Stage and Film; Trust, Actor's Express Dark Night Series), who returns to Atlanta from stints in New York and Los Angeles, fuses Shakespeare's sumptuous language with the hottest music and movement to create "in-your-face" entertainment by equal turns heart-wrenching and hilarious. Newly formed Rogue Planet's Producing Artistic Directors - Jen Apgar, David Crowe, Montica Pes - present an inaugural production with purpose and passion pushing Shakespeare into a direction not seen in Atlanta. The central role of the Duke is played by Jeff Feldman (Dying Gaul, Actor's Express). Stacy Melich (Stop Kiss, Synchronicity) plays the desired and tormented Isabella and Damon Boggess (A Midsummer Night's Dream, Georgia Shakespeare) is Angelo, who loses his objectivity when his lust is roused. The company also features David Harrell, John Benzinger, Adam Fristoe, Jill Perry, Rob Beams, Alison Hastings, Melvin Patterson, Claire Bronson, Matthew Myers, Marcus Durham, Jason Armit, Anna Kate Nalesnik, Stacey Bode, Dewayne Morgan, Jane Bass, and Shellie Sims. Measure 4 Measure will continue through April 8 Thursday through Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

Producing Artistic Director Jen Apgar
Producing Artistic Director David Crowe
Producing Artistic Director Montica Pes
Director Montica Pes
Elbow Jason Armit
Lucio John Benzinger
Angelo Damon Boggess
Duke Jeff Feldman
Juliet Alison Hastings
Isabella Stacy Melich
Pompey Matthew Myers
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If Sex Sells, Buy This.
by theaterbug
Sunday, March 25, 2001
If someone asks you who the hottest young artists in Atlanta are, you could laboriously research back issues of the AJC and Creative Loafing, interview the venerable Artistic Directors around town, and poll avid Atlanta theatergoers. Or, if you wanted to save time, you could hand over the cast list of Rogue Planet's "Measure 4 Measure".

Aside from being a veritable Who's Who of up and coming actors, M4M is a tight, energetic, humorous, and most of all, S-E-X-Y version of Shakespeare's tale by director Montica Pes. Pes, whose past productions have been flawless without exception, weaves scenes with dance to create a detailed sense of atmosphere and story. It's Shakespeare the way Shakespeare would have done it, had he been a Solid Gold dancer.

The cast is extraordinarily strong across the board. The antagonists are menacing, the heroines are mesmerizing, and the comic relief are fun-ny. I could detail out the actors who really brought life to the show, but, again, it's much easier just to hand over the cast list.

A word or two about the performance space, Art Farm: This is a low-rent, no-frills, converted warehouse which has garnered poor reviews in the past (my own two cents included) for failing to provide a comfortable (or even tolerable) viewing experience. Unless you've called ahead to check on the A/C system, DON'T go see a production there in August. However, Montica Pes has a history of beating a performance space into submission and making it work. Several years ago, she completely rearranged the Dad's Garage Theater from a rough proscenium to a stylish theater-in-the-round for a production of "Homage That Follows". The Rogue Planeteers have done the same for Art Farm. Though small, the theater is now clean, comfy and pleasant. Not a bad seat in the house.

My final message: Maybe a couple dozen folks came to see "Homage That Follows" at Dad's, which was one of the best productions of the last five years. Make sure you're one of the few dozen to come see M4M, so you can say you knew Rogue Planet when...


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