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Zorro: The Fox's Tale
a Play
by Kimberly Jurgen

COMPANY : Atlanta Classical Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : 14th Street Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 190

SHOWING : March 23, 2001 - April 22, 2001



Director Kimberly Jurgen
Sgt. Gonzales Dolph Amick
Catherine Masterson Sarah Bond
Lupita Perez Kara Cantrell
Dona Cela Vano Rachel Connerty
Amelia Amanda Cucher
Maritza / U/S Kit Melissa DaPonte
Don Alejandro Podrido Nick Gilland
Christine Masterson Emma Goidel
Eduardo Adam Nicholas Holder
Sgt. Ramon Enamorado Chris Irving
Don Diego / Zorro Ryan McWhorter
Cpt. Allen Parker Ax Norman
Marisol Ivy Perkins
Dona Vega Ginger Rosen
John Masterson Jim Sligh
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If it ain't on the page...
by stacybrooks
Monday, April 16, 2001
While this production is lacking in many ways (a clunky, mismanaged set; fight choreography that is slow and telegraphed; and the myriad of dialects the actors use), ultimately the biggest problem of all is a script that meanders through and steals from a variety of swashbuckling iconography (a trick that is insults the originals rather than paying homage to them) and yet has absolutely no backbone of its own.

It is painfully unclear to the audience exactly what the point of the plot is. While the title suggests that Zorro (Ryan McWhorter) is our hero, it is difficult to decipher what he's fighting for. We are told he is a hero of the people fighting a corrupt military led by Sgt. Gonzales (Dolph Amick) who actually has throughout served as comic relief not the embodiment of villainy. Or, is Zorro fighting his best friend Don Podrido (Nick Gilland) because of some plot to steal gold from another caballero? Or, is Zorro fighting Catherine (Sarah Bond), the woman who is allegedly stealing his heart despite the fact that the sexual chemistry between these two characters is about as hot as leftover egg noodles?

Then, there is the question of unworkable, pointless subplots like a beautiful senorita from San Gabriel who enters in only two scenes to become embroiled in a secondary love triangle, and then disappears without a trace. I assume she arrives merely to facilitate a gratuitous cat fight that occurs in the middle of Act II (the mercifully shorter of the two acts).

There are indeed bright spots, though. Each member of the oversized ensemble is working very hard to deliver serviceable performances despite the hurdles in the script. In fact, there is great commitment in the portrayals of Sgt. Gonzales, Don Podrido, Lupita Perez (Kara Cantrell), Cela Vano (Rachel Connerty), and John Masterson (Jim Sligh), as well as a delightfully adept performance by child-actress, Emma Goidel, as Christine Masterson. I actually found myself wishing I could see many of the actors in something else... anything else.
Bad theatre, at its worst.
by Crazybastard
Tuesday, April 10, 2001
I could not believe what I saw on stage. This show looked like it was put together by a middle school's math department. It's good performances in a very poorly written show. And where was the set? A black curtain and some tables and chairs do not make a set. For a production of Zorro I would have liked to see longer sword fighting sequences considering the average fight lasted 30 seconds with the exception of a girl fight that had no purpose being in the show. To sum-up my review, I can't believe the 14th Street Playhouse lets them continue the run of this show. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Finally! A show for the whole family!!
by TruRevu
Monday, April 9, 2001
"Zorro: The Fox's Tale" is a show for the whole family! A wonderful comedy, with something for everyone. My 5-year-old son thoroughly enjoyed the sword fighting and swash buckling. My husband and I enjoyed the incredible talents of Dolph Amick (Sgt. Gonzales); Kara Cantrell (Lupita); Rachel Connerty (Cela Vano); and especially the Sly Jim Sligh (the bumbling John Masterson). The entire cast is very talented and obviously well versed in stage combat.

Kudos to Kimberly Jurgen for a wonderful script. (I wonder if she was "Miguel"??)

This show is a must see!! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
the fox trips over his tail
by 4thwall
Thursday, April 5, 2001
overall this play could only be compared to the likes of a poorly done high school show. this play lacks set, ensamble, and above all, it lacks script. however, there are some great performances given by dolph amick and kara cantrell. the two actors seemed like they were on a level of their own compared to the rest of the cast, who didnt do a bad job, considering the script they had to work with. i think had they thrown in a few set peices and a better script, this could have been a pretty good show. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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