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A Christmas Carol
a Play with Music
by Charles Dickens, adapted by Lisa Riley and G. Scott Riley

COMPANY : Rosewater Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Cumming Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 1851

SHOWING : November 24, 2006 - December 16, 2006



Once again we bring you the much loved story of Mr. Scrooge, Jacob Marley and the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, who must succeed in showing Scrooge the error of his ways.

Music Director Susan Ahern
Stage Manager Sue Shaw
Cast Deeba Ruxana Ashraf
Charity Man, u/s Topper Brian Baumann
Adult Fan / Mary Bonnie S Coker
Charity Woman/Charwoman Evelyn Cummo
Jacob Marley CG Garcia
Tiny Tim Jake Lanni
Undertaker David Lanni
Young Scrooge II Mercury
Ebeneezer Scrooge Bill Pacer
Narrator/Dick G.S. Riley
Mrs. Fezziwig/Mrs. Dilber Cheryl Rogers
Fred Mark W. Schroeder
Ghost of Christmas Past Connor Sherouse
Ruth Melissa Simmons
Mrs. Cratchit Valerie Wagoner
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great show!!
by Yikes
Wednesday, December 13, 2006
great show...really liked it...loved the theatre...I tel dont have to go to Atlanta and pay $40 can go see the same level of proffesionalism in your own back yard....but there is this actor who really bothered me...the charity man guy....yeah the guy is a loser!! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
A terrific show
by Square
Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Roswater theatre does it again! The show A Christmas Carol is one of the most innovative exceptional productions of the Holiday season. Lisa Sherouse Riley proves that British folk make the best shows. From beginning to end the show is a smorgasborg of scenes created witht upmost sense of delicacy and artistic expression. Bill Pacer's Scrooge is much better than previous years. He has learned the tics and the character and produces the icon that we want. The Ghosts especially Paul Simmons truly manifest the Dickens into the play. Its just not a Christmas Carol at the Cumming Playhouse...its DICKENS Christmas Carol and the Cumming Playhouse and the Ghosts, Marley, past, present, future all do superb jobs of transporting us to the time perioud. Other supporting characters do magnificent jobs of being the catalysts to Scrooge's anger and evwentual redemption. G. Scott Riley sets are beautiful and exquiste. I do have one thing to say...a criticism if you will.....

Brian Baumann....

why is he in this show!!
Everything is going wonderful until that familiar face once agains does not grace us with his presence. The show is at 100 degrees before he comes in then when he enters slows down to 10 mph. His counterpart I must say though. The lovely Evelyn Cummuo is a talented actress and I was happy to see her thoughout the show. But Baumann thinks this is the Elephant Man play or some Italian comedy/mafia drama the way he prances on the stage. Somebody tell Uta Hagen to give him some lessons please.

Other than that...wonderful show...wonderful cast. I have seen the show 3 times now and they get better and better. Bob Cratchit is amazing...tiny Tim...perfect...Fred...magmamonius.....the demons....enchanting...Cratchit children....delightful....Marley..Oscar-nominated.....the music.....gripping

yey feziwigs, fred and cratchets!
by feather
Monday, December 11, 2006
i do have much xmas spirit this year so im going out to see a more christmas carols. maybe next week ill go to cobb or waht every they are called now. this weekend i went to cumming. wow nice place. old schoolhouse now a theater. nicely done for xmas. gets me more into xmas spirit. ok feather. what about the play? ok ill tell you. it was ok. i didnt like the scrooge. i couldnt understand him all the time. and when he did become understandable he overacted. even his guiet moments is overdone. my freinds didnt like him either but some in the crowd love dhim. so maybe its an acwired taste. but i did like supporting cast alot!! especially the crachets. they were good. i liked fred too. hes a good actor. but the best was the feziwigs. they is hillarous! fantasticaly funny! wondrfully riotrous! they made the show for me. ms feziwig is a hoot!!! oh good job feziwigs, fred and cratchets! merry xmas 2 u all! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Christmas Carol by Tinkerbell
Hey Feather ! I am the new Director of Marketing and Promotions at Theatre On Main, formerly Cobb Playhouse. I have read your comments regarding our theatre and would like to personally invite you to come see our version of "A Christmas Carol". I will be happy to comp your ticket if you will let me know when you would like to come. I am not sure where you received theatrical training, but you seem to have an opinion about everything and so I invite you to come and see all the changes that we have made here at Theatre On Main.
sweet by feather
theatrical training? whats that? lol. ok. i try to be there this week or next. dont wants to tell u who i am. so no free tickets but tanks for offer. some peeps rightly guess who i am but most wrongly guess. so tis fun staying seecret. so no free tix! hehehe.


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