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a Musical Comedy
by Blake Edwards, Henry Mancini, Leslie Bricusse, Frank Wildhorn

COMPANY : Onstage Atlanta, Inc. [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Onstage Atlanta, Inc. (Decatur) [WEBSITE]
ID# 1623

SHOWING : May 25, 2006 - June 17, 2006



A down-and-out singer hooks up with a gay theatrical veteran and they become the toast of Paris by dreaming up a provocative nightclub act in wich Victoria assumes the identity of a man playing a woman. That's only the beginning of the sexual identity confusion that provides the fuel for this classy slapstick musical farce! This Broadway musical was based on the popular film of the same name.

Choreographer Ricardo Aponte
Musical Director Scott F. Rousseau
Director Barry N. West
Lighting Crew Michael Austin
Props Mistress Chris Franken
Stage Hand Jacob Gallman
Costume Designer Nancye Hilley
Co-Lighting Designer Michael Magursky
Stage Manager Amy McGuire
Lighting Crew Christopher M. McKenzie
Co-Lighting Designer John David Williams
Set Designer Darrell Wofford
Piano/Rehearsal Pianist Bob Amar
Bass Norm Ficke
2nd Keyboard Megan Hodge
Simone Kallisto/Ensemble Ryan Alison
Norma Cassidy Laine Binder
Cosmetics President/Ensemble Vanessa Carey
Andre Cassell/Ensemble John Cawthon
Richard/Ensemble Chase Davidson
Jazz Singer/Ensemble Clinton Dillard
King Marchan David D. Doerrier
Toddy Scott Shelton Ebert
Toddy Ethan Foster
Squash Understudy Jacob Gallman
Sal Andretti/Ensemble Royce G. Garrison
Squash Michael Magursky
Henri Labisse/Ensemble John Markowski
Miss Selmer/Ensemble Sarah Mason
Victoria Grant Kathleen McCook
Juke/Ensemble Will Ramseur
Mme Roget/Ensemble Celia Rosenblum
Flower Lady/Ensemble Caitlin Accord- Smith
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Victor/Victoria Less than average
by FromMyEyes
Friday, August 4, 2006
I forgot to review this when it was in the theater. I apologize for my tardiness. There were several stand out performances. The Highlights were Kathleen McCook and cott Ebert. The show overall, does not seem to translate very well from Stage to screen. I don't think that this is the director's (Barry West) fault. Broadway has gotten much more adept at adapting movies into shows in recent years. Victor/Victoria was put on Broadway before this became the popular thing to do.
This show just does not move. After seeing shows at Onstage like Urinetown, Songs For A New World and K2, This show did not live up to the energy of these other landmark shows. One other note: The costumes were not flattering at all to the performers. Sorry Onstage, you can't win them all.
by zacharywynn
Thursday, June 15, 2006
I have just seen Onstage Atlanta's production of the Atlanta premeire; Victor/Victoria. With all of the casting issues in the early stages of the production, I have to say the company pulled everything together quite well.

Though it is a show with full ballads (and I'm not exactly a ballad lover) there was high energy and much dedication and promise that was commited to the show.

Scott Ebert's performance as "Toddy" was absolutely outstanding. I had seen Scott in "Urinetown: The Musical," which also was put on at OSA, and I really didn't know he could hit the notes that he did so successfully.

Laine Binder's portrayal of Norma Cassidy made me love Chicago women with huge moles on their faces. Her performance of "Chicago, Illinos" gave me chills. I would have to say it was my favorite song of the entire show, and she did it justice.

Kathleen McCook did an exceptional job in performing both "Victor" and "Victoria" in the piece. She has a beautiful voice and I wish I could have heard more of it, in the sense of non-ballads.

Over all the show was very well put together. There were some things I would have adjusted. There were some points where I thought it was a high school musical, but other points where I thought that we were out in the professional world watching some of the greatest stars put on the stage.

If you haven't seen the show already, you definately should go out right now, buy tickets, and see the show. There are only a few more performances left, and you will definately enjoy it. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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