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a Musical
by Terrence McNally, Stephen Flaherty, Lynn Ahrens

COMPANY : North Spings High School Drama Department
VENUE : North Springs High School Auditorium [WEBSITE]
ID# 1538

SHOWING : March 09, 2006 - March 18, 2006



A story depicting social change and racial prejudices in turn of the century America, Ragtime is often called one of the greatest musical Operettas of all time. The story follows three groups of people in New York City: a rich White family, a Jewish immigrant and his daughter, and a group from Harlem including a black pianist, his girlfriend, and child. The show also includes famous characters from the 20th century such as J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford, Booker T. Washington, Stanford White, Evelyn Nesbit, and many more.
The show is Rated PG due to racial slurs and stereotypes and may not be suited for all audiences.

Director William Jarrett
Assistant Stage Manager Melissa Cohen
Stage Manager Sarah May
Ensemble Hannah Avram
Harlem Ensemble Honesty Brennan
Grandfather Aaron Brown
Evelyn Nesbit Victoria Cook
Sarah Stephanie Daniels
Father Alex Engquist
Little Boy Gil Eplan-Frankel
Ensemble Kayla Victoria Fikis
Emma Goldman Stephanie Friedman
Ensemble Emily Gardner
Little Girl Arielle Geller
Harlem Ensemble Lauren Haney-McGregor
Coalhouse Walker Jr. Nick Harper
Ensemble Stacia Hitt
Willie Conklin Nils Jansson
Ensemble Sarah Jones
Sarah's Friend Zikia Jones-Martin
Stanford White Greg Kamp
Ensemble Heidi Kloster
Ensemble Jamie Lincenberg
Houdini Noah Miller
Harlem Ensemble O'Neal Montgomery
Harlem Ensemble CJ Moore
J.P. Morgan Jameson Moss
Henry Ford David Olson
Harry K Thaw Jordan Prince
Tateh Brian Rooney
Younger Brother Dustin Smith
Ensemble Lizzie Speaker
Mother Gwendolyn Eve Stembridge
Booker T. Washington Stephan Wilson
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Fabulous Production
by PlayMajor
Sunday, March 19, 2006
I just happened to be in the area of Sandy Springs and saw that the play Ragtime was showing i had nothing to do on a Friday so I just went. What I thought was to be a typical high school turned out to be one of the best plays I has seen put on in a long time. North Springs High School really out did theirselves this time. The music and sining was hype the acting was stelar the props were ok but everything else made up for it in the long run. By far the best scene in the play was Getting Ready Rag , I was blown away by all the energy that was given off exspecialy in the dance number, that boy in the red,white,and black plad suit was workin it .I felt like dancing with them. All in all the play was fabulous everything about it except for a few things (pit band) were fabulous. I highly recommand you this play, it has everything you are looking for in a play and more.
P.S., The girl who played Emma Goldman ROCKED!!!!!!!! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Pulled off...
by cold_turkey
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
First of all, let me say that this school is well known for its arts, and the past few show titles have been no exception. I wasn't expecting the sword to be pulled out of the stone, and, got halfway out.

Ragtime pulled off a good show, yet it has ended the streak of stellar shows from Antigone to Urinetown.

I knew that there was talent, but what good's talent without the tech? The sound and lights were horrible the entire night (and the pit sounded like it hadn't seen the music before), and many actors were almost not audible. However, Stephanie Daniels (Sarah) combatted the tech problems and sang above and beyond her mic and the extra-loud pit. If the tech could just get their act together, I could get through the 3 hour-long flashback.

Individual performances carried this show by a landslide- it wasn't that the chorus was bad in any way, they were just a little weak in the effort onstage. I became bored watching a few people become bored onstage.
Alex Engquist (Father) had a wonderful composure throughout the show, never breaking character: Great man to watch (and pretty voice too)
Nick Harper (Coalhouse) and Dustin Smith (Younger Brother) definately carried the show [to its full extent]. Nick's character drew the audience in, I thought, and I actually sympathized with his character toward the end. His voice was a little uneasy though, like he was sick, or just couldn't hit the high notes. Dustin's got some talent, for singing and acting, though he seemed a bit stiff and weak in his dialogue sometimes. I enjoyed his presence onstage.
Gwen Stembridge (Mother), like Stephanie Daniels, has an amazing voice, though it also felt a little wobbly (perhaps sick too), yet she was descent onstage. Gwen can portray emotion through her songs better than her words.
Brian Rooney (Tateh) did a fantastic job. He pulled off that accent, and even managed to sing with it. We seemed a little stiff and forceful at times, however. I can't say I agreed with his character choice, but he made it happen, and I look forward to seeing more stuff with him.
The little kids were adorable, kudos to Mr. Jarrett for making that happen.

All in all, I wasn't expecting much from Mr. Jarrett and the staging shows my expectation, but the music sounds great, even if the pit doesn't. I recommend seeing it, as hopefully most of the tech stuff will be worked out by next show, and the actors really do shine. They pulled it off and will continue to.



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