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Urinetown: The Musical

a Dark Comedy/Musical
by Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis

COMPANY : North Spings High School Drama Department
VENUE : North Springs High School Auditorium [WEBSITE]
ID# 1369

SHOWING : September 19, 2005 - October 09, 2005



Nominated for 10 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, "Urinetown" is a hilarious musical about a town that has been under a 20 year drought. Private bathrooms are banned by the government and people are forced to use "public amenities" to take care of their private business. Unfortunately, these Public Amenities are run by Urine Good Company, whose wealthy, capitalist leader Caldwell B. Cladwell charges rediculous fees for the privilege to pee. "Urinetown" is a spectacular farce that makes fun of musical theatre itself with its award-winning score and clever writing. This Original Atlanta Cast of "Urinetown" will have you laughing so hard you may have to use the amenities.

North Springs High School and director, Brian Kimmel, won numerous awards at the Georgia Theatre Conference and Southeastern Theatre Conference last year for "Antigone", including Best Show and Best Director at GTC, and Runner-Up show and best actress, Lindsay Garrett as Antigone, at SETC. They are returning this year with "Urinetown" and plan on taking it to Edinborough, Scotland in August 2006 to perform for the American High School Theatre Festival at the International Fringe Festival. Catch this amazing show before it goes off to competition!

Director Brian Kimmel
Stage Manager Brittany Bland
Stage Manager Gracie Hansen
Lighting Design Gracie Hansen
Assistant Stage Manager Denise M. Hanson
Asst. Stage Manager Denise M. Hanson
Assistant Lighting Jen Krider
Old Man Strong Aaron Brown
UGC Exec./Understudy Pennywise Victoria Cook
Officer Barrel Alex Engquist
Soupy Sue Kayla Victoria Fikis
Caldwell B. Cladwell Max Flick
Little Sally Stephanie Friedman
Josephine Strong Jana Fruchtman
Mrs. Millennium Lindsey Garrett
Hope Cladwell Sarah Jones
Ensemble Greg Kamp
Mr. McQueen Caleb Lawton
Robbie the Stockfish Robby Letzler
Penelope Pennywise Kaleigh Malloy
Little Becky Two Shoes Sarah May
Hot Blades Harry Jonathan Moss
Bobby Strong David Olson
Tiny Tom Michael Rowland
Billy Boy Bill Dustin Smith
Ensemble/ Dance Captain Lizzie Speaker
Ensemble Gwendolyn Eve Stembridge
Ensemble Sari Beth Wolmer
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by Sgt.Curry
Saturday, March 1, 2008
I loved this show. It made me fall in love with the musical itself! I know that the set of this musical isn't supposed to be amazing but its the only thing I felt was lacking, but that was it. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
A show to see more than once
by Lilypond
Monday, October 3, 2005
I would have to say I agree with almost everything said in the first review. except Litle Becky... I LOVE the way she acted but I would have liked it alot better if she could hit the notes she was suppossed to be singing. Im very familiar with the music and they transposed Bobby's stuff so why not hers. It seemed like she was trying to yell everything she sang so she wouldnt have to sing. I also believe the same goes for Hot Blades, after all these kids did have microphones on and I could barely understand them. I really enjoyed the duo of Lawrence McEvoy and Alex Engquist. I have seen them seperatley in productions and was amazed but I think they are the perfect team. Every line they delivered made sense and it was hilarious without getting cheesy. Max Flick did very well, but at times he seemed to not care about the ensemble onstage with him and that threw me off. Stephanie was brilliant as Little Sally. At first I was setting myself up for dissappointment because Stephanie has always played her characters very strong but she really made the little kid thing work for her. Kaleigh Malloy was a pleasure to watch onstage. She brought out the gritty Pennywise and yet gave her an endearing and feminine quality. Caleb Lawton was pretty funny as Mr.McQueen, over all it was the little mannerisms that made his character shine. Kayla Fikis seemed to play her character a little inconsistent but I loved it any ways, she had some lines that made me crack up even if they werent suppossed to. Jana Fructman has a spectacular voice and I couldnt wait to here her solo lines although I think her acting needs a little bit of work. But what impressed me most was the fact that these two girls did not have mics. and yet could be heard throughout the entire show unlike most of the other ensemble characters. Aaron Brown was my least favorite actor that night. I did not like the voice he used at all and his gestures seemed too I dont know how to say it... contrived maybe and a little bit showy. Lizzie Speaker did a wonderful little solo during "Freedom" she was very graceful. I will also agree that the dancing seemed to dominate the group numbers. At certain points the singing got much softer but I can live with it since the dances were so amazing and I know that not every one in that cast can probably dance. My all time favorite piece was "Snuff the Girl" simply because of the dancing, not the singing. The kiss bewteen Bobby and Hope was sweet yet very awkward looking that may be something to look at before these guys leave for competition. All in all I was very impressed and very entertained... and I will be going to see the production again. Becuase Im sure that there are things I didnt pick up on that I am just dying to see. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
WTF? by Seminoles06
Showy? Ok the character of old man strong is crazy, He is a lively and vivacious character. he is larger than life and must be played to a full extentin a short amount of time so that his returns though out the production do not seem pointless. Obviously you know nothing of the mechanics of a musical or a show. The direction I recieved for the character was followed to the exact specifications. Please think before you call someone your least favorite actor on a public site.
whoa by Okely Dokely
No need to jump to the conclusion that just because Lilypond disagreed with the directorial decision, that he/she "know[s] nothing of the mechanics of a musical or a show." Lilypond probably just meant you were his/her least favorite performance, not necessarily actor. Either way, you obviously didn't detract from the show that much (if at all), since it got a 4 out of 5 and is described as a "show to see more than once."
Answr by Seminoles06
I would consider "least favorite actor of the night", as personal attack on the my acting ability. It is a completely different thing to say something about the character, the character choices, and placement throughout the show, but it is quite another to regard and announce someone as their least favorite actor of the show.
Another Thought... by Girl
Or a couple, actually.

First of all, the phrase "least favorite actor of the night" is not necessarily a bad thing. Ringo is my "least favorite Beatle," but I love the Beatles and they are all very talented, so the fact that he is my least favorite doesn't mean he is awful.

Even if you viewed the phrasing used as an attack, it could have been on you or your director's choice of characterization rather than your acting per se, which doesn't speak to your talent rather than your decision.

Finally, it's never too early to learn how to accept criticism. That doesn't mean you need to agree with it, or even care about it, it just means you need to take it in, consider it's merits or flaws, and use that to further your craft.
I can see where both sides are coming from by Okely Dokely
I doubt Lilypond intended to make any personal attacks, especially since he/she gave the show such a favorable review. I can see where Aaron is coming from in a way; I bet it's never any fun to be singled out as the "least favorite actor." I don't want to put words into Lilypond's mouth, but they probably meant/should have said "least favorite performance."

This reminds me of something that I've wanted to clarify/apologize for for quite some time. I misworded (is that a word?) one of my review titles in a manner that might be construed as offensive. Back in August of 2003, I reviewed "On Golden Pond" at the Cobb Playhouse and Studio under the review title "good show, bad theatre." I did not mean to bash the theatre as a company - I just hated the stage they used to put the show on. I don't want to edit it, because if you edit your reviews, it brings it back to the top of the review list [which would be kind of embarrassing, since the show closed more than 2 years ago], but let it forever be known that my official new title for that review is now "good show, bad venue."
by Lilypond
Um, Mr.Brown I think you need to chill. You werent the only actor I gave less than perfect praise of. And like several people have commented on is the fact that you need to learn to take things like this with a grain of salt. Lord knows I have had plenty of bashing reviews... but this wasnt even bashing it was just a comment. Yeah you werent my favorite of the performance... get over it not everyone is going to like you. I admit I saw the show again closing night and was very pleased with it. But you need to think before you tell other people what to write about. This place is for honest to god reviews and that is what I gave. If you want me to sugar coat it well than I am sorry because I refuse to do that.
Oh get over it by WaylonWhite
Get over the fact that you weren't the best performer of the evening. So what? Is it the end of the world? To you, it probably is. I bet you breast fed until you were 15. Do you think that reviewers should bow to your evident sensitivity? I would bet that you cry everytime you wet the bed. You're in the wrong business for this kind of behavior. Maybe you should try getting a sex change and being one of those televangelist wives that sit there with their makeup running down their face from crying so much. How's them apples??
by Nipkus13
whoa there..I think maybe...Just maybe, Mr.WaylonWhite, you stepped out of line a little bit...Pardon me for saying, but I dont remember you being involved in this argument in the first place, so therefore your opinion is irrelevant. Along with the fact that your extremely rude comment is totally unnecessary. It should be said that I am a friend of Mr. Brown's, and am perhaps a little biased when it comes to this situation. And I feel that a simple "get over it seminole" would've been sufficient. ...just something I had to get out there. sorry.

Urinetown was great Northsprings!

by movintoofast
Sunday, October 2, 2005
The show was really funny. Great script and music.

Lawrence McEvoy as Lockstock was hilarious and he really captured the sense of the play and character.
Stephanie Friedman was great as Little Sally as well. She played a very good child without being incredibly annoying, which is hard. She also had a standout voice in the cast. I wish she sang more.
David Olson's Bobby Strong was very innocent and I enjoyed the way it was played.
Jana Fruchtman as Mrs. Strong was hilarious, her wit is very enjoyable to watch.
Sarah Jones as Hope was good but I would have liked to have seen her played a little more on the ditzy, light hearted side. Great voice, just needs a little more support on the high notes. other than that, it was a great job.
Max Flick as Cladwell was REALLY well sung. He just didn't seem evil enough to me.
Alex Engquist was hilarious as Officer Barrel. The face he makes during "We're Not Sorry" is priceless.
Kaleigh Malloy as Mrs. Pennywise was very well acted. There were some points at which i would rather her belt than switch up to her head voice but her acting was outstanding.
Sarah May as Little Becky Two Shoes was also outstanding. Her energy was amazing and she was very beautiful.

The dancing within the company was awesome. The one thing i would say against the dancing would be the fact that the companies singing gets weakend to the point of not being able to understand them.



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