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Henry VI parts 1, 2, 3, The New American Shakespeare Tavern
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Watkins, Jeff DIREDirector
Rood, David CMUSTrumpet
Brown, Tony CASTSir John Mortimer
Brown, Tony CASTCardinal Beaufort
Brown, Tony CASTEarl of Oxford
Brown, Tony CASTBishop of Winchester
Cline, Heidi CASTLady Grey
Cline, Heidi CASTEleanor, Duchess of Gloucester
Cole, Laura CASTMargaret, daughter to Reignier, later He
Curran, John CASTEarl of Salisbury
Curran, John CASTDuke of Norfolk
Curran, John CASTDuke of Bedford
Faircloth, Nicholas CASTDuke of Buckingham
Faircloth, Nicholas CASTSir William Lucy
Faircloth, Nicholas CASTGeorge Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence
Felten, Matt CASTEdmund Plantagenet, Earl of Rutland
Felten, Matt CASTson of the master gunner
Felten, Matt CASTVernon
Felten, Matt CASTDuke of Somerset
Felten, Matt CASTJohn Talbot
Felten, Matt CASTEarl of Westmoreland
Felten, Matt CASTSaunders Simpcox
Felten, Matt CASTGeorge Bevis
Hester, Paul CASTEarl of Northumberland
Hester, Paul CASTPorter
Hester, Paul CASTCharles, Dauphin, later King of France
Hester, Paul CASTJohn Southwell
Hester, Paul CASTLord Say
Hester, Paul CASTLord Hastings
Houchins, Andrew CASTDuke of Exeter
Houchins, Andrew CASTDuke of Burgundy
Houchins, Andrew CASTRoger Bolingbroke
Houchins, Andrew CASTJack Cade
Houchins, Andrew CASTMayor of London
Houchins, Andrew CASTLouis XI, King of France
Jones, Joshua LeeCASTLegate
Jones, Joshua LeeCASTShipmaster
Jones, Joshua LeeCASTSmith, the weaver
Jones, Joshua LeeCASTYoung Clifford
Jones, Joshua LeeCASTThomas Horner
Jones, Joshua LeeCASTSir John Fastolfe
Jones, Joshua LeeCASTWoodville, Lieutenant of the Tower
Jones, Joshua LeeCASTLord Rivers
Jones, Joshua LeeCASTSir John Somerville
Kaye, Doug CASTDuke of Gloucester
Kaye, Doug CASTLord Clifford
Kaye, Doug CASTMarquess of Montague
Kaye, Doug CASTWilliam Stafford
Lee, Bryan CASTPeter, Horner's man
Lee, Bryan CASTWife to Simpcox
Lee, Bryan CASTDuke of Alencon
Lee, Bryan CASTClerk of Chatham
Lee, Bryan CASTEdward, Prince of Wales
Liatis, Maria CASTLady Bona
Long, J.C. CASTEarl of Suffolk
Niedzwiecki, Mike CASTBastard of Orleans
Niedzwiecki, Mike CASTMayor of St. Alban
Niedzwiecki, Mike CASTSir John Montgomery
Niedzwiecki, Mike CASTSir William Glansdale
Niedzwiecki, Mike CASTDick, the butcher
Nitchie, Matt CASTEdward Plantagenet
Nitchie, Matt CASTJohn Holland
Nitchie, Matt CASTBasset
Nitchie, Matt CASTReignier, Duke of Anjou
Parvis, Daniel CASTKing Henry VI
Parvis, Daniel CASTLawyer
Ralston, Mary RuthCASTJoan La Pucelle
Ralston, Maurice CASTSir Humphrey Stafford
Ralston, Mary RuthCASTVaux
Ralston, Mary RuthCASTMargery Jourdain
Ralston, Maurice CASTMaster Gunner of Orleans
Ralston, Mary RuthCASTHenry, Earl of Richmond
Ralston, Maurice CASTRichard Plantagenet (York)
Reeves, Drew CASTLord Talbot
Reeves, Drew CASTEdmund Mortimer, Earl of March
Reeves, Drew CASTJoan's father
Reeves, Drew CASTRichard Plantagenet
Reeves, Drew CASTWalter Whitmore, a pirate
Reeves, Drew CASTJohn Hume
Saville, Mary CASTCountess of Auvergne
Weigle, Clarke CASTEarl of Warwick
Weigle, Clarke CASTLord Scales
Weigle, Clarke CASTEarl of Pembroke
Weigle, Clarke CASTMayor of York
Weigle, Clarke CASTGeneral of the French forces
Weigle, Clarke CASTAmbassador
Willis, Troy CASTDuke of Exeter
Willis, Troy CASTEarl of Salisbury
Willis, Troy CASTRichard Neville, Earl of Warwick
Willis, Troy CASTSawyer
York, Jacob CASTEarl of Somerset
York, Jacob CASTAlexander Iden
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